Had To Give $ Back! I Am So Embarassed!

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erinkalins Posted 15 Sep 2006 , 1:40pm
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So I had an order for a pink sheet cake, with dark pink swags and purple swirls. Simple right? i did the cake and I thought it came out great! (of course I didnt take a picture...oops. Anyway, I delivered the cake this morning, she smiled, payed me and said thank you. She called 10 min later to say that she didnt like the cake, it wasnt exactally what she was looking for, it didnt have the border that I TOLD her I couldnt do...and it looked dry. So I marched right down there (I work with her) set the $ on her desk and took the cake. Brought it up here, cut into and passed it out. Same RAVE reviews I get every other time i do a cake...I am so embarrassed and ready to not make cakes anymore! icon_redface.gif

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Loucinda Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
Loucinda Posted 15 Sep 2006 , 1:47pm
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Your cakes all look wonderful ~ I think she is more than likely still setting there with her mouth open! thumbs_up.gif

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padawn71 Posted 15 Sep 2006 , 1:48pm
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Dont let that get to you.....
everyone else appreciated your cake....and remember u cant please everyone ALL THE TIMEicon_smile.gif....and..is it possible she thought maybe u would just give her the cake for free?

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KHalstead Posted 15 Sep 2006 , 1:49pm
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I think you did the right thing.............you may be embarassed, but at least you know the cake was fine!! You can't please everyone.......and some people are just difficult to say the least! At least you conducted yourself in a businesslike manner......you want your money?? give me back my cake !!! LOL

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mbalis Posted 15 Sep 2006 , 1:49pm
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I'm sorry that happened....but too bad for her!!! Other people got to enjoy your great cake, and she is without a cake!

Don't let her idiocy stop you from decorating...no way..no how icon_smile.gif

BJsGRL Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
BJsGRL Posted 15 Sep 2006 , 1:49pm
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Don't let this get you down! Believe me, it happens to a lot of us. I would rather the customer told me directly they weren't happy with the cake, instead of hearing it second-hand (that is so much worse, in my opinion!!!). You handled it perfectly, and made many others' day brighter by sharing the cake with them! It was her loss! BTW - your cakes are wonderful!!!

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missnnaction Posted 15 Sep 2006 , 1:49pm
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why are you embarrassed... you got rave reviews, if I understood you correctly.. sounds like she just wanted a free cake... how can it look dry and she hasn't even cut it or tasted it...

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jen1977 Posted 15 Sep 2006 , 1:50pm
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I'm sorry she didn't like your cake! I bet she thought she would get a free cake from you! She's probably still shocked that you took it back! Good for you!

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BigFatMamaKat Posted 15 Sep 2006 , 1:52pm
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It LOOKED dry?? icon_confused.gif
Well, it was her loss. I'm sorry you had to go through that, but all the people who got to eat it probably think she is nuts.

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MikeRowesHunny Posted 15 Sep 2006 , 1:52pm
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Ummm, she took the cake, smiled, thanked you, paid you and then waited 10 minutes to call you and say she didn't like it icon_confused.gificon_confused.gificon_confused.gif ? What's that about icon_confused.gificon_confused.gificon_confused.gif ?! You did what she asked for except for a border you said you couldn't do? Had she cut into the cake when you went and got it back, if not, how did it look dry icon_confused.gificon_confused.gificon_confused.gif ??? Something doesn't quite add up here! I'm glad that people who appreciate your cakes got to have some at least. I wouldn't do cakes for this woman again, ever! Create for those who appreciate you, and don't let this one incident put you off doing this - chalk it up to this woman clearly being a nut-job and continue to enjoy making cakes ! thumbs_up.gif

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SUELA Posted 15 Sep 2006 , 1:52pm
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People! You have to wonder how they were raised! I love your hat cake BTW!

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frindmi Posted 15 Sep 2006 , 1:54pm
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Don't quit making cakes! I think she just had buyer's remorse. It seems like she was making up excuses like the border thing (which she might have expected since you told her you couldn't do the one she wanted) and the thing about being dry... Did she cut into the cake to know it was dry? Did she try it? If not, how did she know?... Come on, I see a lot of bs coming out of her mouth... You should have said: I'm sorry it's not to your liking but I don't give refunds after people cut into my cakes and try them (if that's what she did to determine the cake was dry). Chin up and keep baking!

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Katskakes Posted 15 Sep 2006 , 1:54pm
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WOW!! I love the way you handled the situation, sounds like something i would do. People are just too much sometimes. I'm surprised cause your cakes are great, wonderful, unique.

moralna Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
moralna Posted 15 Sep 2006 , 1:55pm
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First of all, your cakes are beautiful. I think she just wanted to get a freebie. . . and I agree, she is probably still sitting there wondering . . ."what happened?". . .

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lauramw71 Posted 15 Sep 2006 , 1:56pm
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I agree that it sounds like she wanted it for free. How in the world can a cake look dry??? You can frost a box of cardboard and it wouldnt look dry! Thats just ridicilious!!!! Theres so many people in this world that want something for nuthing, and it's a shame that people who put their heart into something have to deal with them.

This is where the phrase - some peoples kids... come into play LOL

ellepal Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
ellepal Posted 15 Sep 2006 , 1:57pm
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I think you were being too nice to her. Did she give you a picture ahead of time to copy from? When it comes to cakes, what some customers have in mind may not translate well to the decorator. That is why I always draw a picture first of the cake, and make sure the client agrees to it. When I did have a customer complain recently that the cake was not as she wanted, I pulled out the picture she had copies of. The cake looked exactly as on the picture.
I personally think this lady does not have any grace, considering she is a co-worker. Now there are going to be funky vibes between the two of you from now on. If I were in her position, and did not like the cake, I just would have taken the cake, said thank-you, not say a word about it, and then not order another one in the future. To me, it would have been a small price for some office peace. I just find it deplorable that you spent an entire night on it, at your expense, for nothing.
Hopefully those rave reviews will come in along with some new orders from people who would appreciate your work.
By the way, I saw your pics, and I can't imagine one of your cakes looking bad....you do a wonderful job!

Cakers84 Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
Cakers84 Posted 15 Sep 2006 , 1:57pm
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Bravo for you! Kudos too, for not haggling with her on the, 'I ordered, You didn't do' stuff. Don't be embarassed, you handled the situation perfectly. She has her money back to use on a "store bought cake', because honestly if she needs it asap where else is she going to get one?
And your cake was still enjoyed by everyone who got free cake. Call it 'Advertising Expenses ' and smile. icon_smile.gif

erinkalins Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
erinkalins Posted 15 Sep 2006 , 2:00pm
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It was a super simple sheet cake...I HATE sheet cakes by the way. No she didnt cut into it, the icing had small cracks in it...therefor it was dry...right? Uggg! I charged her 45 (well, have her BACk 45) it was a cake to serve 40 people, cost me (without electricity and time) 20 to make. Is that fair?

emilykakes Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
emilykakes Posted 15 Sep 2006 , 2:02pm
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You have nothing to be embarrassed about...your customer on the other hand...I think that the way you handled the situation was awesome!

Beckalita Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
Beckalita Posted 15 Sep 2006 , 2:13pm
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Why are YOU embarassed? She's the one being overly picky and it obviously wasn't dry since your co-workers raved over it! No more cakes for her.....

tatetart Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
tatetart Posted 15 Sep 2006 , 2:30pm
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Don't you DARE stop cake decorating on the account of one person! Your cakes are beautiful!!

Let me tell you a story about a woman I know...

She is very demanding and likes to bully people.
On her birthday, her husband sent her a beautiful fall bouquet of flowers to surprise her from a very exquisite floral designer.

She called the designer, and ordered ( yes, ordered ! ) her to come and pick up the bouquet and make her another...because she doesn't like the colors orange and purple.

The florist obliged her, but didn't stop designing because of one woman who CANNOT be pleased.

We are all going to run into these people from time to time---hopefully not too often. But they are out there. And they are small, petty people who are usually miserable and jealous of others.

But please don't focus on her comments, when the majority of comments you receive on your cakes are all positive.

Your portfolio speaks much louder than her pettiness!


erinkalins Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
erinkalins Posted 15 Sep 2006 , 2:52pm
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Thank you all so much! i know that in this business, you cant please everyone ALL the time, but I feel like her unhappiness is a reflection of my overall work. I am still starting out, so I feel like I could have maybe done a better job! I had two people ask me about cakes this morning though, so I guess I am still kinda in the business!

oreochic Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
oreochic Posted 15 Sep 2006 , 2:57pm
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OMG! Ive been there! Dont let it get you down. Some people are just like that. You cant make them happy no matter what you do. Im sure it was a beautiful cake & she probably now regrets saying anything since she is cakeless & if she needed a cake for an event shes the one who will be embarrassed! icon_razz.gif
Just think now you got to share your beautiful cake with your co-workers & for me that always leads into an order! icon_biggrin.gif

Ksue Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
Ksue Posted 15 Sep 2006 , 3:06pm
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The absolute BEST part of your story is the fact that you gave her her money back, AND you took back your cake! I LOVE IT!!!

Surely her jaw dropped when you marched off with the cake. I can't help but think she was aiming to get the whole thing for free.

Wonder where she's gonna go to replace your fabulous cake, now?

The joke's on her. Don't let it get you down. Your cakes are fabulous. And there are a lot of people in this world who are just like her, so you're going to come across a few more before you retire. Just remember, situations like this are about them and THEIR problems, whatever those might be. It's not about the quality of YOUR work.

FancyLayne23 Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
FancyLayne23 Posted 15 Sep 2006 , 3:06pm
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Girl don't let someone like that get you down. I can't even believe she said it was dry by looking at the icing and not even cutting into it. Your cakes look great. And I agree with everyone that she was probably wanting something free. I wouldn't be doing anymore cakes for her though. Don't give up girl.

karateka Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
karateka Posted 15 Sep 2006 , 3:06pm
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Don't you dare quit! Her bad manners are not a reflection of your work. And I admire you so much for taking the cake back! That is just so freakin' funny! You know she was just trying to keep it for free. Keep on decorating, and keep those mannerless people in line. You've inspired me. That's what I'm going to do if it ever happens to me!

Melvira Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
Melvira Posted 15 Sep 2006 , 3:10pm
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erikalins... I humbly bow before you!! The way you handled that was pure art!! Not only does she NOT have a cake now, but she had to sit and listen to all the DECENT people in your office talk about how FANTASTIC that cake was. She had to be kicking herself repeatedly for being so stupid. icon_twisted.gif YAY!!

BTW, buttercream (I am assuming that's what you used) commonly gets some surface cracks, not always, but it happens, but the second you cut into it, you realize that the integrity of the cake and the frosting is not affected. It's just that the outside comes in contact with the air around it. I have had that happen and it has never bothered a customer. They have still tasted and looked fantastic. To heck with Ms. PickyPants!!

cassandrascakes Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
cassandrascakes Posted 15 Sep 2006 , 3:15pm
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I love what you did!! You showed out!! She is the one sitting there embarrassed. You should hold your head up. I have never had this happen, but this is definitely something I would do if it did. Hooray for you !! I'm sick of people wanting us to give cakes away. DON'T DO IT!!

Dustbunny Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
Dustbunny Posted 15 Sep 2006 , 3:22pm
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I love what you did too! Your cakes are very nice so don't let this 1 petty woman ruin it for you.

darandon Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
darandon Posted 15 Sep 2006 , 3:24pm
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I'd love to hear what that lady said after hearing the reviews from your co-workers that you gave the cake to.

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