Getting Orders !! How Do You Record Them And What Do You Use

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Twins5485 Posted 3 Aug 2006 , 6:48pm
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This week has been a very exciting and crazy week at the same time but in a good way icon_smile.gif I had been asked to make a Maxine cake for a 50th birhtday party for a lady that use to be my boss.... Ok, I 've just gotten me a projector and thought I could use it for this.. And actually it turned out nice... I placed a card on top of the cake box hoping that if everyone liked the cake someone might call icon_razz.gif icon_razz.gif ... The party was at noon at a Pediatric clinic which has about 40 people working each day... I didn't hear anything from anyone that morning so I thought No News is Good News.. But really inside I was thinking I hoped the cake tasted ok and everyone liked it ... Well I was over reacting, I've had 6 people call me with orders for cakes( all CCC) and I'm thinking if I don't get them recorded on something proper I might lose track of which ones are due for pickup....

I can tell you I never thought I would ever sell a cake to anyone in a million years... I took the Wilton class over two years ago and never finished my final cake... I kinda piddled and poked but just recently after finding this website I've wanted and had a itch to give it a try...Now I feel like I'm diving in head first.. It's a bit overwhelming and I'm not even on a scale comparable to half the decorators on this site...But I do want to do a good job and not let anyone down.... I almost feel bad for admitting this but I sure feel good when someone brags on a cake I've done icon_razz.gif icon_razz.gif

So to make this long story even longer- Can someone point me in the right direction for something to purchase that I can write my orders in. Now I'm just writing in a notebook.. I really appreciate all the tips and advice I've been given from this site... It has helped me out so much!!

Have a great day! icon_biggrin.gif icon_biggrin.gif


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ASupergirl Posted 3 Aug 2006 , 7:14pm
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bump.....ditto on this....TIA

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leily Posted 4 Aug 2006 , 12:12am
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I am all for a calender specifically for your cake orders. I am also one who likes the school calenders (just have to remember to get a new one every august instead of december.

They have the to-do list in some and they also have larger areas to write in each day (for assignment and class notes) This way you could write down each order for the day it is due and any notes for the order.

Then you can also use it as a to-do calender for doing your shopping for the business.

I have tried to use calenders on the computer and for me I am just not as good as using one that I can write in. But for me I really like the Calenders that they make for students. I like the ones that have One week spread over two pages, then month in review every 4 weeks.

You could also Use Outlook calender. Then you can color code the orders or to-do items for you, or plan out what you need to do each day for the orders. Plus you can set alarms/reminders for each item if you need to.

Hope this Idea helps.


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regymusic Posted 4 Aug 2006 , 12:24am
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I have a friend who also uses a monthly calendar. Personally I take my orders on an order sheet, which I have, the customer sign. I then place all of my orders in an Excel spreadsheet, and keep an updated copy at the front of my order book. Maybe a bit troublesome for some, but I like it.

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debsuewoo Posted 4 Aug 2006 , 12:28am
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Why don't you see if you can find an inexpensive day planner? Make sure it is small enough to keep on your person out side of the house just in case you muster up some orders on the outside, but large enough that you won't lose. Anyway, if you can get the weekly kind you can be more indepth with your info.

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jdogga Posted 4 Aug 2006 , 12:31am
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I keep all my orders on a calendar and an excel spreadsheet. I give all my orders a PO# and then make an invoice for each PO. I can then refer back and forth if I need info.

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regymusic Posted 4 Aug 2006 , 12:40am
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Originally Posted by jdogga

I keep all my orders on a calendar and an excel spreadsheet. I give all my orders a PO# and then make an invoice for each PO. I can then refer back and forth if I need info.

Great choices!

BTW Great website!

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skeet1zp Posted 4 Aug 2006 , 12:43am
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I actually created an order form that I can email to a customer or I print out and keep on hand if I need to take an order by hand. I also document the price I charge for the cake and keep in in a file. I can email a copy of the form if you would like it.

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bkdcakes Posted 4 Aug 2006 , 12:57am
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Twins5485, if you are computer savvy & have access to it, Quick Books is great for invoicing. I just use a regular calendar to keep track of the order details. I started out like you are & have been making cakes for 4 years now, but still a newbie!

Good luck! thumbs_up.gif

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candyladyhelen Posted 4 Aug 2006 , 1:02am
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When they first call, I just write all the info down on loose leaf paper. Then when they decide to book for sure, I make out the contract & they sign it. I also record the important info on my calandar.

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cupcake Posted 4 Aug 2006 , 7:20am
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I have posted my way of handling this on a previous post about keep orders organized. Since I am a paper girl, I like having orders on paper. My biggest fear is having all my stuff in the computer and the stupid thing go crazy on me. Sorry I am from the old school, and want to be in total control, don't want to give that up to a machine.

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cakesbyamym Posted 4 Aug 2006 , 8:58am
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I am a meticulous note-taker and organizer. I purchased a dry erase/bulletin board combo from Walmart. On the dry erase part is a calendar. You simply fill in the month at the top, and the dates of each day. I write in my orders that are to be picked up/delivered, and scheduled tastings. On the bulletin board portion, I use push pins to hold my orders; such as, the current months' orders to the far left, next months' next and so on. On the actual order forms, I created my own in Word with basic information: I have a header with the following information that I always highlight yellow for delivery or pink for pickup: Cake order due on..... Time due... Pickup/delivery instructions...
Following this header, I have the date the order was placed (I run specials, and keeping up with the date ordered is imperative) customer's name and phone number...How did you hear about me... Below this is the actual order instructions: Cake occasion? Cake size? Shape? Flavor? Icing? Filling? This is for my cakes. Then, I have spaces in between different items that I offer with more lines for detailed ordering information; colors/design requested; quantity needed (mainly for mini cakes, iced cookies, cupcakes, mints, etc.) Below this, I have a space for special instructions for decorating; Inscription? At the bottom, I have a space for the cake price.

I also have a simple calendar printed off in word that co-ordinates with the dry erase calendar that I have on my kitchen wall. Dates are blocked off with the same highlight colors, etc. I have a planner that I carry in my purse, again, with the same dates from the previous calendars blocked off. I always have my planner, since I always seem to be getting orders on the road. This way, there is no waiting to schedule appointments for tastings, or wondering if I've already gotten something booked on a certain day that would overlap with another pickup/delivery, etc.

Hope this is some help...


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karateka Posted 4 Aug 2006 , 9:32am
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I use You can get a free trial if you email her.

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heavenlys Posted 4 Aug 2006 , 10:15am
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At the bakery we use an order sheet that I set up. It takes customer's name number date of order, time of p/up or delivery, price and actual order and has plenty of room to sketch ideas for order.
then they are put on a clipboard and at the end of each week I set up the schedule for the next week. I have a front page that sits at the top of the clipboard with the days of the week and under each day I abbreviate what the orders are. EX. MOnday 1/4 choc or 5 dz. sugar cookies. That way we have a whole week at a glance to know what to bake and then when we decorate the orders are right there to pull out and finish

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blessBeckysbaking Posted 4 Aug 2006 , 10:45am
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all my orders goes on a list with all the info and phone no. and the on my fridge so I see it at all times and just cross them out as i fill the order.

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Twins5485 Posted 4 Aug 2006 , 12:38pm
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Wow !!! Thanks for the replies... I haven't been getting a notice that I have replies so please forgive icon_confused.gif ... All the advice has been wonderful and I think I'm going to get a day planner actually two that way I can keep one on myself at all times.. I was at my MIL house yesterday, someones cell phone was ringing, it took me a few minutes to realize it was mine - yes, a cake order....This may sound like alot to do but I was thinking about also taping all the ironed out details of each persons cake request in with the week/ dates they correspond for.....I think a highlighter will be essential for me also....

skeet1zp- I would love for you to email me your form it could point me in the right direction if I decide to do something on the computer.. [email protected] Thanks

cakesbyamym- Love your system- sounds very efffective!!!

This week has turned out to be overwhelming for me all brought on by myself- If I may share with you-

I took two last minute cake orders one 5 days in advance and the other two days prior to the Birthday party... I know, I know- yes I'm crazy!!!
On top of it I work full time for out local hospital and have 4 year old twins that have been given the energy of 4 more kids... Yesterday I had my kids my BIL daughter and my stepson.... My house was like a tornado ran through it .. I'm so anal about toys being thrown all about- it's almost like I can't function unless the entire house is clean and in order- my MIL says it's the German coming out in me. icon_smile.gif But back to those last minute cakes.... I had one already due today (Friday) by 10am.... I was dreading it cause I was going to have to use my projector and I'm still rusty with it...Well I got it done late last night - by the time I cleaned all my icing bags up and the kitchen it was 1:39 when I laid my head on the pillow.. I wasn't please with the way it turned out either, my husband said it looked good... icon_confused.gif ...Now I have two more to do for tomorrow afternoon...... I'm looking forward to them being done so I can take a breather. icon_smile.gif

Well I've gone way off from the purpose of this thread but Thank each and everyone of you for your tips and advice.... plus taking the time to read my whining...

Have a great day!


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mary-ann Posted 4 Aug 2006 , 2:24pm
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I work full time so I use a Hunt online Calendar. I tried a day planner but I never seemed to have it when I needed it. Now I can see my schedule from home and at work. $50/yr and is password protected so only I can see it. I also use it to keep track of personal events too. Website is

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Kiddiekakes Posted 4 Aug 2006 , 2:26pm
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I use a desktop daytimer and I also have a huge calender on my fridge.

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Twins5485 Posted 4 Aug 2006 , 2:37pm
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Mary-Ann- Thanks for the websitse, I will check it out...Thanks

Kiddiekakes- My kids have my fridge so full of their artwork they would be tore up if I tried to rearrange anything icon_lol.gif

I'm going to look at all the options everyone has given me and hopefully I will have something solid that works for me by the end of the weekend...

Many Thanks to you both!


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Pootchi Posted 4 Aug 2006 , 5:46pm
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I have an agenda that you have one day per page (with hours 8 to 4) and I write the orders on the day they're due, and if I have more, or more details, I staple a piece of paper, I know it's a mess sometimes, but it works for now!! And I also have a dry-erase board on my wall for appointments and such, so I write the dates for cakes (ex: August 5th/ 2 Dora/1 lion) that's actually what I have to do this weekend, my cakes are baked, I need to do the BC now!!! icon_surprised.gif and I'm still here on the boards!!! arrrgghh what addiction!! icon_wink.gif

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