Anyone Else Nervous Cutting Cake?

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i_love_icing Posted 21 Jun 2006 , 3:46am
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I get so shaky when I cut a cake I've made. At my sister's wedding last year I was so nervous. I was dropping the pieces on the tablecloth and got icing all over my clothes. How embarassing! That was my first big cake, though.

Anyone have any tips for cutting calmly? I have a hard time relaxing in general icon_redface.gif

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shrek Posted 21 Jun 2006 , 3:50am
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I too am very nervous when cutting into my cakes. My sisters love to tease me by saying,"Oh no the inside isnt cooked or the cake is falling apart." Eventhough I know that they are always playing, i still get Very nervous.

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missyjo30 Posted 21 Jun 2006 , 3:51am
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What a lot of caterers (sp??) do is they have a bowl of water on the table while they are cutting the cake and when ever the cake builds up on the knife, just dip in the water and wipe it clean with a cloth. It get messy when the icing catches the cake and builds up.

I got nervous too when I did my first wedding cake and the bride wanted me to stay and serve. I just had to research how you properly cut certain size cakes and went from there, went great.

Hope I helped

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i_love_icing Posted 21 Jun 2006 , 4:42am
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Thanks. I had the water on the table for the wedding cake, but I was so nervous I totally forgot to use it. I actually remember complaining that the icing was building up, and the water was right next to me, but I didn't use it!!!

I think everyone was too embarassed for me to say anything icon_redface.gif Hopefully things will go better this time.

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moydear77 Posted 21 Jun 2006 , 4:46am
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I have cut so many cakes I just get in the zone. I cut my reunion cake in about ten minutes four tiers tall. I jusy want to get it done!

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nicksmom Posted 21 Jun 2006 , 4:55am
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I hope I can remember the water trick.both of my wedding cakes were taken away by caterers to cut.I would be a mess icon_rolleyes.gif if I were cutting my cake.I have a wedding cake for july,so maybe it will be my first cutting the cake icon_lol.gif my family pokes fun at me all the time,cause I can't cut nicely icon_cry.gif some body always takes over!and I DO NOT like to eat my cakes,maybe once in a blue moon,maybe icon_razz.gif does anybody else have a problem eating thier cakes or am I crazy?

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moydear77 Posted 21 Jun 2006 , 4:58am
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I find that I crave a slice here and there. I always try some to make sure it is fine though! I had one of nicest compliments the other day. I did a wedding years agao and a gentleman who works with the groom came up and said he still talks about the cake you made! All the time! He raved about the fresh fruit I put all over it!

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Zmama Posted 21 Jun 2006 , 5:46am
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My problem cutting cakes is messing up the hard work! The ones that don't turn out, those get cut really fast!!

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ellyrae Posted 21 Jun 2006 , 6:17am
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When I decorated professionally in a bakery, I NEVER cut my cakes. I'd box them up and off they'd go...never to see them again =o(

For the past 6 yrs I've done cakes from my home, (I don't have an "official" business) many MANY of them gifts or donations For some reason, when I'd bring a cake for a special occasion (that I'm invited to as well) it's like I'm EXPECTED to cut and serve the cake!!! Not sure about anyone else but for me, when cutting and serving large cakes, it really takes two people to do it efficiently - one to cut and plate the slices, one to move empty and full plates along.

I once went to a Valentine dinner theater at my church on a "date" with my husband. I was asked (at the last minute) if I would make a cake to feed about 150. Of course, I agreed and did it for them at cost. (I believe I only charged like $35...its the victorian lace 3 tier pink hearts in my gallery). I was never asked to cut and serve the cake.

I sat down with my husband to begin to eat our meal and this person came over to me, pointing at her watch and looking around and said, "I think it's time you started cutting the cake, almost everyone has been served their meal". My chin hurt from hitting the floor so hard!!! I told her no one had lined ME up to cut the cake....I'm here on a date! She stated, "well, you did the cake, I just expected that you'd cut it too".

Being the sweet person I am (wink), I said ok and left my husband and full meal to go to the kitchen to start cutting. I told "her" I would need someone to help me with the plates and she said there was no one and said to slice faster! (like I was her paid employee!!)

"She" just stood there waiting for me to slide a slice of cake to her so she could pick it up, place it on a tray, and grab the next server she saw to serve the slices. Finally I said "would you please spread out some of these empty plates and pick up the ones with cake on them? She said she couldn't because she had to keep an eye out for the next server to come in!! The nerve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway.....nice to get that off my chest even thought it happened 3 yrs ago. The last two dinner theaters we've had, they've asked me to make the cake because they loved the first one but I have turned them down. I refuse to put myself through that again!!! Especially if I'm not going to make any money!! (They only offer to pay me what i charged for the first one!)

Oh, and I used to be nervous cutting my cakes but I got over it pretty quickly. The trick is having an excellent cake knife!!!!

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socake Posted 21 Jun 2006 , 2:09pm
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My last cake was butchered with a meat cleaver when it was cut!! so I was given the cleaver to slice the remains and serve it out. I was only nervous about the knife!!!

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missyjo30 Posted 21 Jun 2006 , 11:47pm
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I think i may eat Too... much of my own cake. My husband is a whipped frosting guy ( and my kids even turn down cake. (Is it that bad.. lol). I end up cutting in large pieces and giving to friends and neighbors just so it's not in my house. I have no will power. lol

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JulieB Posted 22 Jun 2006 , 3:30am
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I never cut cakes I have sold. That is the job of whomever the bride or caterer or whoever has chosen. I deliver and leave!

If it's a case of family cakes, I only ever have to cut what I make for my own house. When I take on to a family dinner, someone else always does it. It just has always worked out that way. Plus, in our family, it is the custom that the birthday person, or the honoree, gets to cut the cake. It's an honor in our family.......... LOL Even my kids' birthday cakes, they get to cut themselves.

I don't usually eat a whole lot of my cakes. At the event, you kind of have to, but otherwise...... not so much.

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Jenn123 Posted 22 Jun 2006 , 3:37am
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I REFUSE to cut! I've already done my work. icon_smile.gif

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