Rolled Fondant

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Annushka Posted 20 Oct 2004 , 7:05am
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Is it possible to make it at home? How?

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southerncake Posted 20 Oct 2004 , 7:02pm
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There are several recipes listed at


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Annushka Posted 21 Oct 2004 , 5:31am
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Thanks a lot! But you can't put it into fridge, right?
Is there a fondant that is possible to cool & use on buttercream-covered cake?

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blessing Posted 21 Oct 2004 , 6:53pm
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Also check Wilton`s 2000 year book for recipe on home made fondant .I personally have my own recipe as thus
1 satchet gelatine to 2 packets millers icing.
40mls water(boiled)
1 tablespoon glucose syrup
1 teaspoon glycerine
3 drops immitation vanilla essence
Pour boiled water into a cup
stir in the gelatine until dissolved
Add the glucose,glycerine, vanilla and
stir well
Pour above mixture into a bowl containing
the icing sugar required
Mix well with hands until you get a stiff dough
Place on your board and roll out .

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havilah Posted 22 Oct 2004 , 4:25pm
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Blessing,you sound like a Nigerian,where are you from?.Is there no need to use shortening in the fondant recipe?.Some do strech too,can you tell me something.Thanks.

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Annushka Posted 23 Oct 2004 , 8:42am
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Originally Posted by blessing

1 satchet gelatine to 2 packets millers icing.

Thank you very much for the recipe, but can you please tell me the weight of 1 satchet gelatine & 2 packets millers icing?
And can I put that fondant into fridge??

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havilah Posted 2 Nov 2004 , 12:27pm
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icon_smile.gif annushka,i cant remember the weight of the gelatine now,but that of millers icing sugar is 500grammes for one packet

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p106_peppy Posted 29 Mar 2005 , 1:47am
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I've been making my own home made fondant mostly because I'm too cheap to buy the wilton stuff, but it is true that the wilton fondant tastes terrible.

the recipie I use is as follows:

3cups sugar
1 cup water
1tablespoon glycerine
1pakage unflavoured gelatin
desired flavoring

cook to soft ball stage, pour out onto a marble slab or shallow pan greased with 2 tablespoons white fat, allow to cool just enough so that you don't burn your hands when touching it. but while it's cooling, try to have it remain apsoloutly still, vibrations can cause crystalization. then scrape it inward untill it starts to harden, then knead it for a long time. I put it in my bread machene and set it to knead because I'm lazy. you may have to add more water, or powdered sugar. I roll it out between two plastic sheets just because it's a bit more tender than bought fondant.

I think what gives it the bad taste is the substances, such a gelatin and glycerine that give it the stretchyness. mind you, this fondant still is quite plesant compared to the wilton kind.

if you don'y need it to stretch, then I omit the gellatin and teh glycerin. The result is smooth and creamy and fudge-like. it doesn't cover cakes well though, the sides will have wrinkles in them, and it tears rather easily. but boy is it good eating. I was home over spring break, and I made a mint-chocolate cake, and I made this fondant and flavored it mint. The left over fondant from teh cake was eaten like candy, not only does it taste better than wilton fondant, but the texture is nice for eating too.

But if you want to shy away from fondant all together, over easter I made a lamb cake and instead of fondant, I covered teh face and legs with white chocolate, then with the leftovers I made roses.

I melted 1 lbs of chocolate and 1/2 a cup of corn syrip over a double boiler and mixed them together. the result is chocolate that is soft and streatchy. the chocolate did get a bit of a chewy texture, but it still tasted like chocolate.

Anyway, this is probibly full of typos and gramatical errors, but I'm too lazy to look it over. so if I left anything important out, just ask.

Edit: forgot to add, that you shoudl add a touch of white corn syrip to help prevent crystalization

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