What Are The Cake Supplie Stores Comeing To?

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Ladycake Posted 23 Sep 2004 , 2:25pm
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Will someone set me straight if I am wrong here.. After our DOS I ordered somethings from Company X for right now... I have there book I ordered right from the book. I gave them product numbers as to what I wanted.. The product price in the book was $ 11.48 and the other product was $12.24 now this is not all I ordered but this is the only thing that is in question.. When I got the shippment yesterday I was charged for the $11.48 - $13.10 and for the $12.24 - $25.40 Now I dont mind that prices had changed but I do mind not being told and finding out when I get my invoice ...

When calling company X the girl that answered the phone said I am sorry I am hearing this from a few people and when I went to the shipping manager she told me that prices had changed and that I am not allowed to do anything about it .. WHAT ??? She also told me that there Book 5 came to them on 9/21/04 and that the prices in there are correct and that if I wanted that book that it would be $6.00 and when I placed my first order I would get it back then... I have used this company for at least 4 years if not more so its not a place I call now and then for orders...

If you have a book that is out aint the prices to be good until your next book comes out??? This is what I would think...

I have sent off a letter to company X last night waiting to see what one of there supervisors are going to say.. This is 2 companys in two weeks that are playing games..

First I got Sugarcrafters not wanting to take my order over the phone.. When I have done that for at least 5 years now ... If I wanted to order from them I had to do it on line .. I dont like doing it on line sometimes I have questions about things and I cant ask the computer.. LOL

Am I wrong??

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GHOST_USER_NAME Posted 23 Sep 2004 , 4:01pm
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No, you are not wrong... they are crzy!!

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Ladycake Posted 23 Sep 2004 , 5:17pm
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Originally Posted by cali4dawn

No, you are not wrong... they are crzy!!

The funny thing about this whole things is I am not one to complain so when I do there is something wrong with a company....

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Ladycake Posted 23 Sep 2004 , 5:41pm
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Good News one of the Managers called me on the phone and told me that she is going to give me a store credit for the difference and was very perfessional about this whole matter... So I think it was taken care of in the right manner...

I do suggest that if your going to order from any of them that you make them tell you the amount of that item.. Thanks everyone for letting me vent..

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cupcake Posted 24 Sep 2004 , 12:22pm
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icon_sad.gif I have a problem with substitutions and when you order something, they say they have it in stock and then when you receive your order they have backordered it. My first gripe is ordering a certain product that you use all the time, and then when you get it they have decided to substitute it for another product that they think is similar. Just grates me!! I know they figure that it is better for you to have something, then nothing, but then you are faced with either paying for something you don't use, but need, or sending it back and trying to get a credit.My other gripe, I know that in this day in age that all these places operate by computer, if an order taker is punching in an order, in most cases as with a salesman his guide tells him how many are on hand and when the next shipment of that product is coming in. Why is it then, when you receive your order something is back-ordered or substituted. I know that in my case, my vendors may carry 20 to 30 thousand items, but there is always some sort of glitch. The bad thing is when you really need something and don't get it. So I have learned to order well enough in advance in case of problems, and to make sure I have enough on hand to get me by.In most cases the product book prices stay the same unless you are dealing with perishables which are normally market prices. If the company changes their prices once their product book comes out, then the least they could do is send out a notice to their customers advising them of the changes. Of course they get away with not doing this when they put at the bottom we have the right to change prices without notice. Enough said.

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Kiddiekakes Posted 31 Dec 2004 , 2:48am
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Oh don't yah just love Automation!!!

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