Wilton Classes At Michaels???

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o0lilnikki0o Posted 28 Mar 2006 , 7:46am
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hello happy cake makers!!

well i signed up for my wilton classes today! im taking them through michaels.

i was just wondering about it, and i decided to ask on here cuz i figured some of u must have taken it through michaels...

well anyhow, my questions are....

i paid wilton class 1 and that cost me 17.50$ and she said i come for the next 4 mondays. now it may be stupid but, so i pay 17.50$ everytime i go? or is it just one payment for all 4 of those classes??

also it says i to bring my own supplies and im wondering what the heck i need to bring! they will suplie the fondant and stuff right, and like, the stuff to make the cake, if im wrong please tell me icon_razz.gif.. the girl that i asked about this, and signed me up, didnt seem like she new anything, and didnt tell me wat to bring so im out in the dark here icon_razz.gif

also, when i am done the "class 1" stage, will they automaticly sign me up for class 2 or will i just have to go in and ask for it, like i did today?

sorry if these are stupid questions and all, i just am nervous about this, and dont no wat to do! im worried that the people that are in my class wont like me and such... ohh im like a school girl again!!

well thank u guys icon_razz.gif

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BigEasyCakes Posted 28 Mar 2006 , 7:57am
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I took the Michael's classes. The $17.50 covers all 4 classes. There is a Box set of supplies you can buy at Michael's. Use the 40% off coupon the put in the Sunday paper to get it. Otherwise, I turned to eBay to get supplies cheap. "Fondant" doesn't come untill class 3. You'll have to bake your cakes and make your BC as required. They usually give you a coupon or other incentive to get you to sign up for class two.

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mvucic Posted 28 Mar 2006 , 8:27am
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Hi There!

Unfortunately, the cashiers at Michaels don't really know much about the actual courses. I ran into the same problem during 2 of my 3 courses here. Normally they are supposed to give you with a supply list when you sign up, which includes the Wilton items you will need as well as the recipe for Class Buttercream. Well, that's what it was like here. Same goes for Course 2 and Course 3. Every store operates slighty different from the next and same goes for the instructors. (Sorry about my rant ...)

I would also double check the date, if you haven't already. I find that our dates here are ALWAYS incorrect. For example, if the calendar schedule says it starts on the 2nd thursday of the month, I later find out that it was the week before, and not how it stated on their bulletin board, online or handouts. I'm assuming you will start in April.

Course 2 you will have to sign up as well. Same goes for course 3.

As for baking the cakes, we didn't have to do any until the last class. I think just a round one, although I recall making cupcakes for some reason. I'm sure you'll receive more info on that too icon_smile.gif And you will only be working with buttercream in Course 1.

Instead of buying just the course 1 kit, you could invest in the big tool caddy and use a 40% off coupon. It may be well worth it if you plan to take all three courses icon_smile.gif

Hope that helps. icon_smile.gif


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o0lilnikki0o Posted 28 Mar 2006 , 9:02am
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so do u think i should go back to the store, talk to someone different, and find out the correct dates, and see if they have a list i should get. Also i was thinkin about getting the 101 piece caddy, is that everything at all i should need? also do i have to bake a cake before i go there, and take it there?

thanks alot!!!

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o0lilnikki0o Posted 28 Mar 2006 , 9:06am
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lol me and my boyfriend just realized that the girl that helped me out with it, never even told me what time to come !!
so i guess i HAVE to go back to micheals... im so nervous about spending all the money! do u guys think in the long run its worth it? are u guys happy with going through the corses and getting into cake decorating?

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padawn71 Posted 28 Mar 2006 , 10:56am
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I would have to say i am very happy i took the classes, i started out as a student, the liked my work, then went on to become a instructor, and now do this as a part time business, keep in mind the instructors can only teach you what is outlined in the wilton course itself, and You will only get out of it what u put in to the work itself..the key to all this is practice and more practice, and always ask lots of questionsicon_smile.gif

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Karate Posted 28 Mar 2006 , 11:34am
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I am just finishing course 3 tonight. I am very glad I took the 3 classes I loved them. The cashiers at Michaels are not to knowledgable on the classes, what to bring, what to buy..... My first class of course 1 we didn't bring anything, it was mostly demonstration, then we had to bake a cake for the remaining 3 classes which we decorated during class. When signing up for course 2, we got a sheet (from the instructor on the last night of course 1) on what to bring on the first night because you start right in. The only thing they supply is the instructor, everything else you purchase on your own, cake mixes, icing ingredients and in course 3 you also purchase the fondant. I would say the 101 piece tool caddy was a good investment for me since I want to continue baking and decorating. Good luck and enjoy thumbs_up.gif

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slejdick Posted 28 Mar 2006 , 12:32pm
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The first night of Wilton I is basically a demo session - the instructor will show you lots of things, how to make the icing, how to get a cake iced smoothly, etc. You don't need to take a cake to that class!

I don't have the 101 piece caddy, so can only pass on what other have said about it, but many people think that it comes with a lot of things you may not need, and wished they had bought things as they needed them instead.

If this is your first experience with cake decorating, I would recommend just buying the Wilton Class I kit (use a coupon like the poster mentioned above, I think the regular price is about $20 or so), and see how you like it before you invest much more money.

Either way, you could just call Michael's back to find out when the first class is (date and time), by now they should know as it's almost the beginning of April!

Enjoy it!


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mushbug9 Posted 28 Mar 2006 , 12:46pm
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I agree with slejdick, you shouldn't buy the big kit till you know how much you are enjoying it. You can buy the course 1 kit (its all the basics you need for completing course 1) after the first class, and add on from there. You can also get the tool caddy empty and fill it yourself piecemeal. I needed nothing for my first class either and I believe tht is standard. For the three weeks after that, you will bring an iced cake in a container, and all your icing all split up and colored for each specific thing. The book you will recieve at your first class lists each thing you will need, anf things you don't necessarily need, but may want. Good Luck!

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Mslou Posted 28 Mar 2006 , 1:00pm
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Hi there
For your first lesson in Course 1, bring pen and paper. The instructor will show the student kits and what is in them. They should also take the class "shopping" in the Wilton isle to show what is needed. All of the tips are in there as well as 2 decorator bags and a small spatula. You will be making 3 cakes total in Course 1 and all of your icing. The instructor chould give you a list every week on what to bring and what you need to do at home. Each course has a different kit and you will need additional supplies with each one. The cost for each 4 week course at Michaels is $25.00 before coupons or that months special. April is half off. Ask about bounce back coupons on your # 4 class. Good Luck and Happy Decorating!

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kaecakes Posted 28 Mar 2006 , 1:33pm
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The first night of class your instructor should go over the items you will need for class, I usually explain the difference between the course I kit and the other 2 kits that you can buy and use for course I, You will end up baking 3 cakes (1 can be cupcakes ) for course I. Even if you buy the 101 piece kit you will still need to buy the course II and III kits when going into those courses.

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angelas2babies Posted 28 Mar 2006 , 1:43pm
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I think you're going to love the classes! I just finished my course II final cake last night.
It really does depend on the instructor, though. I wouldn't buy the giant kit, either. You don't need to bring anything to the first class. You get a book that has great lists of what you need for each class. There should be a calender of events in or next to the classroom with the times and dates for the classes. Definitely find someone knowledgable if you have any questions.

Good luck and enjoy!!

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