Left Flower Nail In Cake!!!!!!!!!!!!

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heiser73 Posted 24 Mar 2007 , 5:16am
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Hi everyone,

So this week has been pretty busy, I just delived 2 cakes today and I'm working on another one tonight. Well as I'm getting ready to put my cake into the oven tonight, I realize I can't find my flower nail...then it hit me!

I left it in one of the cakes I delivered today!!!!! I started flipping out, panicking...ugh! It was for a guy who works with my brother so I called my brother and told him and he is going to warn the guy. I didn't have his number myself to call and apologize, but I told my brother to tell him I'm sorry and I'll give him $5 back. Has anyone else done this?? I feel like a fool icon_redface.gif

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cassandrascakes Posted 24 Mar 2007 , 5:24am
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OMG, I don't know what I would do! You did the only thing possible, and that's to call them and warn them, and tell them you want your flower nail back, lol.

If it's any consolation, my Mom cooks pies for people for Thanksgiving, and one year she had over 100 orders. She must have gotten tired, because 3 people called and said that though the pies were good, they could have done without the paper layer between the crust and filling..........

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step0nmi Posted 24 Mar 2007 , 5:28am
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OMG!!! I am sooo sorry that happened! You must've been in a panic!
I can not say that I have done that...yet! (I am knocking on wood for myself!)Haven't been decorating too long though. But, guess what!? You are human and don't be so hard on yourself! Everyone makes mistakes! icon_biggrin.gif

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idoweddingcookies Posted 24 Mar 2007 , 5:31am
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sorry but OMG ROFLMAO - Paper in between the pies. icon_lol.gif

I'm sure they will understand.

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heiser73 Posted 24 Mar 2007 , 5:35am
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Thank you all so much for your responses. I'm not feeling quite as bad as I was, and at least now I know that I will never do that again!

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JanH Posted 24 Mar 2007 , 5:38am
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Hasn't happened yet, but you never know!

Don't think it was a big deal. It's too big to go unnoticed when the cake is sliced/served/eaten, so there's no danger of anyone choking on it.


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yumcupcakes Posted 24 Mar 2007 , 6:02am
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Aw dont feel bad, its not like they're going to find a fake finger nail in there or something..haha ewwww

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wgoat5 Posted 24 Mar 2007 , 11:20am
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or a finger LOL

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cindww Posted 24 Mar 2007 , 12:13pm
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Hey, I"m sorry for you because I can imagine that feeling in your stomach when you realized what you had done! Still, I agree with another poster. Its big enough that noone is likely to miss it and its not something gross. Truthfully, if you hadn't told them, they probably would have thought it was supposed to be there as part of the cake construction!

About a year ago, I made a cake for my niece and my brother found a staple in the cake (thank god it was family!). I don't own a stapler so it still mystifies me. I still get nervous when I sell a cake that I'm going to get a call that they found something in the cake..talk about OCD!


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wgoat5 Posted 24 Mar 2007 , 12:33pm
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Ouch now that is scary..the nail is noticeable ..a staple..dangerous...glad they found it cindww!

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Peachshortcake Posted 24 Mar 2007 , 12:46pm
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I wonder if the staple could have come from the cake mix? Thats if you were using a mix

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scgriffiths Posted 24 Mar 2007 , 1:01pm
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I did a four-tier wedding cake for one of my best friends a few years ago. Toward the end of the reception, the bride's mother approached me and told me they'd found a pen embedded in the bottom of the largest cake! It was a huge 12" fruit cake and I must have levelled it, then turned it upside down and plonked it on top of the pen. How embarrassing!!!!!!! I'm just so pleased it was for someone I knew. They had a laugh about it anyway.

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cakes21 Posted 25 Mar 2007 , 12:49am
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Oh my gosh, that is something that i would totally do.

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LanaC Posted 25 Mar 2007 , 12:57am
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A pen? That is funny. I wouldn't worry about the nail. It's a legitimate baking tool and it's big enough for someone to notice before putting in their mouth. plus, with it being on the bottom center, it's most likely that section of cake won't even be touched.

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mookey Posted 25 Mar 2007 , 2:33am
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when they notice, just tell them it was there on purpose. you meant to do it. its a new trick to ..uhhh... make the cake taste better... yeah thats it....icon_wink.gif

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angelcakesmom Posted 26 Mar 2007 , 2:29am
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If it was a stacked cake , you could say it was a support!

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ladyday95 Posted 26 Mar 2007 , 2:37am
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Just yesterday with my M-M baby shower cake... I used straws pieces for support and a few people found them in their cake.... we just made a game out of it and anyone who found a piece of straw got a prize... thank goodness we had enough extra prizes....

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debster Posted 26 Mar 2007 , 2:46am
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Wow , while on the subject of flower nails how do you use them and on what size cakes? Thanks

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LaSombra Posted 26 Mar 2007 , 3:05am
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hehe, glad it was just a flower nail icon_wink.gif With it being centered and all, I'm sure they'll figure it was there on purpose. Hope you get it back though icon_wink.gif

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AZrunner Posted 26 Mar 2007 , 5:22am
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Lesson learned! DO NOT leave flower nails in your cakes for long periods of time. The moisture will cause the nail to start rusting. Remove the nail promptly when it is time to flip the cake out of the pans. This is Wilton nails I'm referring to. Speaking from personal experience. I've had to trash my cakes because of this, I left the nails in overnight, wrapped in clingwrap in the fridge.

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