Big Lump Of Green Chocolate Goo:'(

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JamesSweetie Posted 19 Jan 2006 , 1:50am
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I am so upset right now. As some of you know, I am going to be making a 50th birthday cake for my aunts birthday this sunday. Well I decided to make the champange bottle out of melting wafers(compound chocolate).

I made compound chocolate stars on lollipop sticks last night and they look kind of demented.

I have tried moulding around a bottle 3 times, which was just a disaster of itself, so decided I needed a mould. I couldnt find one anywhere, I searched 5 different stores. I FINALLY found the mould at a cake decorating store on the way home from my husband's work, so he picked it up tonight. Its a life size, 2 piece champagne bottle mould.

Well needless to say, I'm in tears and there is green melting chocolate all over the dining room and Kitchen. The first time, the bottles actually came out fine, but there was no way in hell to attach them, the sides were so thin, even though I kept pushing the chocolate up the sides. I even tried evening it out on a warm cookie sheet, but then it nearly melted all the way through. Well then the freaking top of the one side fell compeltely off.

I just remelted the chocolate, and started again, but then it would harden with a million cracks, or wouldn't dislodge and would spilt apart in my hands. I have tried almost 5 times.

I am never working with freaking chocolate again icon_cry.gif Right now there is bits of smeared green goo all over downstairs, and a big pile of green chocolate in a lump in a bowl on the table.

Right now its either going to be moulded rice krispie treat covered in fondant, or a real freaking bottle of champagne.

People kept telling me all this was going to be difficult, and I so wanted to prove I could do it, and now its turning out I can't. After all these problems with the chocolate, I am terrified about how this cake is going to come out. icon_redface.gif

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vie Posted 19 Jan 2006 , 2:06am
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JamesSweetie, I don't know what to tell you about your green gooo but I can tell you to calm down, clean the mess and take a small break. I just went through a disaster cake for my father and did what you did and said forget it all, and I was also told that I couldn't do it. I sat down, had a drink (pop) and looked at my cake and found another way to create it.

I know this doesn't help the chocolate goooo but I hope I calmed you down a little, to try again. Good luck and I will be thinking of you.


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Doug Posted 19 Jan 2006 , 2:09am
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ditto to calm down.

and why not real bottle??? after all it is an important celebration so let the bubbly flow.

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jscakes Posted 19 Jan 2006 , 2:37am
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OH Yeah! You can get the small bottles can't you and use one of those? They look really cute too! Maybe even 2 of them on the top?? We can get them at our local liqour store, not sure about where you are.
Just an idea! Good luck to you , Queen of The Green Goo!! LOL! (you know I'm just kidding
I can see you in your green tiara now...)

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Lemondrop Posted 19 Jan 2006 , 4:32am
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~Hugs to Jamesweetie~

When you work with molds, you need to make sure that the chocolate is thick enough, as you already know icon_wink.gif

You just need to put a coat of chocolate in the mold. Put it in the fridge. Take it out, then put another coat....repeat this until you can no longer see light when you look through the chocolate.....does this make sense?

I know you can do this. Good luck.


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JamesSweetie Posted 19 Jan 2006 , 11:07pm
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Okay, well I finally, after hours of more work and a run to the store for more chocolate, made these #$%$ things. icon_mad.gif

The bottle weighs a tonne, I am praying it doesn't crush the cake when I put it inside it, I may have it sitting straight up instead of leaning back, that way it doesn't crush anything. The champagne glass needs smoothing in a big way, but everytime i touch it, it breaks so I am trying to be careful.



Here are the stars (the demented ones I spoke of)


Thank you so much everyone, and Squirrelly for your step by step instructions, it helped a lot!

(and I still never want to work with chocolate again! lol)

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Lemondrop Posted 20 Jan 2006 , 1:17am
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Yippee!!! It's done!!!

You did it! I know you could! I can't wait to see the finish cake now icon_wink.gif

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JamesSweetie Posted 20 Jan 2006 , 2:06am
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Thank You LD icon_biggrin.gif

Jscakes, I laughed till my ribs hurt this morning at "Queen of the green goo", lol! I should have taken a picture of that green stuff covering the bowl and the spoon, all lumped up icon_razz.gif Hahaha icon_twisted.gif

I looked at the picture I posted of the champagne glass and was horrified (it looked worse in the picture) so I went down and smoothed it out, using a warm pan and knife. It still looks beaten up but improved


I swear I will need a bottle of the REAL thing after this cake is done!! (and I don't even drink!)


~Queen of the Green Goo~

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Lemondrop Posted 20 Jan 2006 , 2:34am
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Dear Queen of the green goo,

You did an excellent job in cleaning up the champagne glass!! Thanks for all the updates!! thumbs_up.gif

Now, on to the cake icon_smile.gif


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jscakes Posted 20 Jan 2006 , 4:32am
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Queen of the Green Goo:
Your bottle turned out very nice, as did your glass. Can't wait to see the finished product all put together!
Great Going Green Goo Queen! icon_smile.gif

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