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mamafrogcakes Posted 14 Nov 2005 , 10:53am
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I'm sure there are some previous topics about this but I had no luck searching for them!! I registered my domain name through and am using their own program to design my website. I'm running out of room and would also like a different layout for pics (they only have so many templates).
I was wondering what others use to design their websites. Can't you design it using your own program and then just publish it to the site?
Thanks in advance!

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ThePastryDiva Posted 14 Nov 2005 , 11:07am
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you can do that with geocites I think. You design your web pages and then up load them. Good luck with your project.

I'm still waiting for my lazy computer whiz kid to do!

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mamafrogcakes Posted 14 Nov 2005 , 11:18am
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But isn't geocities just for their webpages? I already have my own domain name so I guess that's what confuses me?! Also, I want something that isn't going to have a few template pages that may be too limiting to the look I want.
Boy I'm being a pain so early in the morning! Ah, it's Monday icon_cry.gif

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ThePastryDiva Posted 14 Nov 2005 , 11:21am
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lol, I can ask my resident genius, but he's still asleep. Will have to get back to you on this one if you don't mind.

I'ts not monday for me...been going for 2 weeks straight...and sat worked 14 hours straight.

I'm ready to shot myself!

double Arrrgh!!

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MelC Posted 14 Nov 2005 , 11:41am
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You should be able to write a fresh page (or modify a template) with either Adobe Photoshop, MS Frontpage or a number of other programs, then post it to the web. I use Photoshop for my page, and while I am still learning how to do things, when I'm done making whatever changes I want, I click a button (okay it's a pull-down menu) that says SAVE FOR WEB, and it converts the .psd to a .html

BTW, just so I'm clear... you have registered your name with, but who have you got to host your site? Registering the name just makes it your's... you need a host so there is somewhere on the web to put your page...

Geocities does hosting, but I think only as a 3rd party thing.

I use for my hosting (I registered through them too, but you don't have to do that) They're cheap and you get HUGE storage and bandwidth space from them. I got their smallest package and I still only use about 1/10 of the storage or bandwidth they allow me. (Now my site doesn't have any fancy flash animation or anything, but still... it's HUGE!)

They offer about 15 templates that are .psd files, but there's nothing stopping you from starting from scratch in ANY program that can write web pages, as long as you end up with .html or .htm files when your done!

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mamafrogcakes Posted 14 Nov 2005 , 11:49am
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OK Mel, THAT makes more sense. Right now, is hosting mine as well. I did everything through them but like I said, I don't care for their templates for pics, plus I'm starting to run out of room!
I will check out that site and the programs that you mentioned! Thanks for your help!

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Cake_Geek Posted 14 Nov 2005 , 12:26pm
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You can use microsoft word and publisher (i think) to create some html pages that you can transfer to the site you set up.

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talmas Posted 14 Nov 2005 , 12:34pm
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I can't help you with software to design a web page because I don't use one but I use Jalbum for my gallery. I really like it a lot so I thought I would share the info. If anyone is interested, the software is located at

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gilson6 Posted 14 Nov 2005 , 4:04pm
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I used Yahoo Sitebuilder for mine. They have over 300 templates and it was very easy to use.

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melodyscakes Posted 14 Nov 2005 , 4:15pm
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its to early to read about tech. stuff....hahaha my brain was hurting. i am not technical at all.
hey, i remember that heath said that he and jackie had a program or something that you could buy inexpensively to host a web site.
is that right or am i still sleeping? haha
next year when the holidays are over i am going to try to get my untech. self a web site. i think i will check with heath first.
anyway, have a great day!

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Cake_Geek Posted 14 Nov 2005 , 5:12pm
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Ya know, I have to agree that it was too early to think technical but duhh.. I'm a web designer. I can give you some help if you want. Just PM me.


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Heath Posted 14 Nov 2005 , 6:07pm
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We do not have a program to sell, but we do offer web hosting through one of our companies.

We design all of our websites with Macromedia Dreamweaver, but you can use notepad as well, but if you do you have to design everything in code because it has no design view.

We recommend against using Microsoft Word as it generates the code using alot of proprietary Microsoft code which may not display well in browsers other than Internet Explorer.

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cuillere Posted 17 Nov 2005 , 12:46am
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I also used yahoo go to and look through their categories and click on all Y! services in the next page scroll down to B and click on business, then click on web hosting and there you'll find all the packages they offer and call their 800 number they are sooo wonderful they 'll take you one step at a time until you get your site up and running. I love it, they have great templates and clip arts. I built my own website too and they helped me a lot.

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flayvurdfun Posted 17 Nov 2005 , 12:58pm
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I use tripod....for my many many many web PAGES I dont think I need a website, so I can't help you here!

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colocak Posted 20 Nov 2005 , 1:31am
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I have the GREATEST website husband! Hehehe! I'll share the new site with you all when he's done. The one now is just a throw together and I just don't like one is going to be GREAT! Glad I'm married to a computer God now!!

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