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  •  Remembering Ruby   A memorial cake for my husband's aunt. Chocolate cake with Swiss meringue icing and flowers with a fondant plaque.
  •  Bbq Cupcake   Chocolate cupcake with vanilla SMBC, candy melt grill, fondant burgers and dogs.
  •  Guitar Man   Chocolate cake with strawberry buttercream filling iced with vanilla Swiss meringue
  •  Top View   Top view of grandma's cake
  •  Cake For A 96 Year Old   Banana cake with SMBC icing and flowers
  •  Cake With Chocolate Cage   Chocolate cake with coffee SMBC and a semi sweet chocolate cage. Coffee flavored MMF is stamped.
  •  Baby Shower Cake   Chocolate cake including the blocks with Swiss berry filling and vanilla icing with fondant details
  •  Tribute Cake For Sf Giants Fan  This was a cake for a memorial for a man who was a huge fan of the Giants and loved sushi. Chocolate cake with raspberry SMBC filling and...
  •  Monkey Cake   Monkey inspired by a little girl's favorite beanie baby
  •  Ukelele Cake  A chocolate cake with coffee SMBC covered in coffee and chocolate flavored fondant. Made for a family who were celebrating making ukeleles...
  •  Hanbok Cake  Ist birthday cake for a little girl. Bottom tier is vanilla cake lemon buttercream and top tier is chocolate with berry buttercream, MMF...
  •  Year Of The Monkey Birthday Cake   Chocolate cake with coffee SMBC with a fondant monkey.
  •  Macarons   Strawberry, chocolate and lime macarons