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  • Rubber Duckie Cake Carrote cake with cream cheese frosting, Tub is fondant, soap bubbles are cream cheese frosting. Duck is rice treats covered...
  • Sweet 16 birthday cake 3 tiered square cake, cake is vanilla and chocolate, cannoli filling. covered in fondant with butter cream piping and butter...
  • Erich's Lost birthday cake cake is chocolate, filling is chocolate pudding. butter cream frosting  with piping gel to help make water look more realist....
  • Christine's Princess Cake Princess cake, crown is royle icing paint with silver food coloring. cake is vanilla with canolli filling butter cream frosting.
  • Erich's Storm trooper bithday cake White cake, bannana butter cream filling. Rice treats for lower side of helmet. covered in fondant.
  • Baby in bassinet Yellow cake, canolli filling.Butter cream frosting. Fondant bassinet skirt, blanket, baby. Hood of bassanet if royal icing.
  • Koi pond cake Chocolate and vanilla cake, chocolate pudding filling. Buttercream frosting with fondant koi fish and lilly pads.
  • Graduation to a new world. Yellow cake filled with chocolat pudding. Books are thin cardboard with fondant. The cap is made of rice treats, morter...
  • Me Gusta Cake Chocolate cake with strawberry filling. Cream cheese frosting covered in fondent. Face is done with black frosting.
  • Andrew's surfer grooms cake surfer cake topper is made of fondant. Cake is chocolat and lemon cake. Filling is cannoli. Waves are butter cream....
  • Catherine's cake topper cake Chocolat cake with cannoli filling. Covered in fondant.