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  •  Some Cake Balls
  •  Cupcake Bouquet Centerpiece   for baby girl
  •  Cupcake Bouquet.   why does my frosting look like this? I think maybe I make it too thick/stiff? Will try to use a softer one next time.
  •  Cake Ball Wedding Tray   assorted cake ball flavors, bride requested balls and tray be decorated in pastelle yellow.
  •  Cake Ball Pyramid
  •  Reindeer Cake Pops
  •  Baby Shower Stand  my first home made stand! Very proud of it yay! made for a baby boy shower. filled with an assortment of cupcakes, cake balls, and...
  •  Cake Ball Topiary  I hate this photo, the lighting is horrible and so is the camera. But I spent 2 days making 10 of these and just think its a shame not to...
  •  Bride/groom Cake Ball Wedding Favors   bride and groom cake pops boxed and wrapped to give out as wedding favors.Im quite proud of this one!
  •  Bride Groom Cake Balls
  •  Cake Balls Themed, Pink And Brown.
  •  Holiday Cake Ball Platter  my holiday item over here in the middle east. Red velvet in white chocolate, german chocolate topped with shredded coconut, peanut butter...
  •  Hello Kitty Theme Cake Ball Tower.  all the cake balls are dipped in white chocolate that I tinted then rolled in colored sugar. fabric bows are placed through out and the...