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Thanks for the GREAT tutorial, but is this food safe? Can it be used for direct food contact, i.e. cookies, brownies? I know the cupcakes are in paper wrappers but can the chemicals from the paint be absorbed thru the wrapper?


I found this information on non-toxic spray paint:

Martha Stewart Crafts ® Paint Unique, patented Martha Stewart Crafts ® Decorative Arts Paint is formulated to work on all crafting surfaces, indoors and out, and is even dishwasher-safe. Includes 180 non-toxic, USA-made colors, hand-selected by Martha and available in five versatile finishes.


I found that Krylon makes a non-toxic latex spray paint, limited retailers sell it, but they have it on I would still recommend that you do not put food directly on the painted surface, even if you use a non toxic paint. I would put cookies on decorative napkins, or in cupcake liners, possibly on a plate on top of the painted surface. Many non-toxic paints say they are not intended for direct contact with food.

I also found this on Etsy, which needs to be applied with a brush and heated in the oven after dried, but it says it is food safe.

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