This is the simple way how to get angry bird letter on your cake…

This is my way but I hope it help…


How to make a bird-themed angry letters from fondant …. just sharing …. not a way that should be the benchmark … this way I get the letters do the same with angry bird …. could also be without pattern … so directly on the cut it using precision knife … that’s what I did when it’s no enough time hehehe …so not need to printted the angry bird letters … If there’s any other way you can use it …. definitely many ways …like the proverbial many roads lead to Rome … hehehhe


List of Materials

  • precision knife
  • paper
  • angry bird font
  • fondant
  • scissors
  • knife


Install the angry bird font (you can free downloaded…using google search engine you can find angry bird font)


Print the letter with the size you need …


Cut the letter using scissors….as a pattern


4. rolled fondant with the 3mm thin or with the thickness of which it is desired. it’s OK if you can’t cut it with details…put the letter


5. Put cutouts angry bird letters over rolled fondant…….. and cut it by using precision knife according to the pattern.
Sorry my English not so well bu I hope my picture can tell the details well



jennifer22780 Says... 22 Aug 2012 , 8:21pm

it looks great! thanks for sharing!

taartgravin Says... 25 Aug 2012 , 8:08am

wow thanks for sharing thats very helpful!

mobaygall Says... 26 Aug 2012 , 9:52pm

thanks for sharing, i will try this one for sure.

onems Says... 31 Aug 2012 , 12:30pm

Nice work,thanks for sharing. How did you make the contrasting background letters?

flavapot Says... 12 Sep 2012 , 4:25pm

Awesome, Thanks for sharing

sherox Says... 24 Sep 2012 , 12:02am

Thank you! :)

Jeannie615 Says... 27 Sep 2012 , 3:51pm

wow is so nice... :)

Elaine05 Says... 7 Oct 2012 , 4:40am

I already use that appllication for angry bird font and I love it, you can have pokemon font, scoobidoo font.... and lots of cartoon font :)

Ipoet Says... 18 Oct 2012 , 8:58pm

thank you all of you...I hope it can help.... @ Elaine05 : yes...sure....I love it too...I can have harry potter font, starterk font etc...just download the fonr from search engine...hehehe....

@onems : I just rolled thin fondant and put my letter top of it and cut again ...using precision knife...

Steph10467 Says... 15 Jul 2013 , 8:36pm

WOW!! Thank you so much!!

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