Cake Balls
Don’t throw out those cake scraps! These little treats, (sometimes referred to as “cake pops”, “cake truffles” or “cake bon-bons” are so easy to make and are absolutely delicious!
You can make these delightful cake balls using your leftover cake scraps, or even use an entire cake to make them!

Tools Needed: 

  • Decorating gloves
  • Mixing Bowl with lid
  • One cooled cake – any size and any flavor (or you can use all those left over scraps)
  • One bottle liquid coffee creamer – any flavor complimentary to cake – or anything to use as a binder, Butter cream icing, liqueur, etc.
  • Melted Chocolate – amount varies with how many balls need to be dipped
  • Parchment Paper lined tray/plate/platter
Step 1Place cooled cake or scraps into a bowl in large pieces
Step 2Using a fork, crumble the cake into a nice crumb 

When it appears all the cake is crumbled use the fork, or your hands, and run thru it to make sure it’s all crumbled.

Crumbled cake will be soft and fluffy
Step 3Pour in liquid coffee creamer judging by eye, until a medium sized puddle forms, set aside for a moment
Step 4Place chocolate to be melted in a microwave safe bowl, microwave following melting directions. 

(Here I used 4 large bars of Ghirardelli brand White baking chocolate but any type of chocolate that will melt can be used)

Step 5While chocolate is melting, put on decorators/food safe gloves and begin mixing the crumb liquid mixture. 

I use gloved hands because it’s easier to get the feel of the mixture for consistency reasons rather then using a fork or spoon but you can use a fork or spoon if you’d prefer.

Mix and mash and smoosh until a soft mushy dough forms.

Step 6Once you get the mixture to the consistency you would like it, roll a small amount into a ball using the palms of your hands, or a cookie scoop, or a melon baler, anything will work for this. 

Place platter into the freezer for about 30-90 minutes

Step 7After removing platter from freezer, take one ball at a time, and roll it around in the melted chocolate with the help of a spoon. 

Place dipped balls back onto the parchment paper lined tray for drying.

TIP: Store frozen – un-dipped – cake balls in an air tight container sealed with both lid and plastic wrap. Remove just before dipping to help the chocolate coating set.

Step 8Finished Cake Balls!!! Here is the finished product. Half are yellow cake, vanilla caramel liquid coffee creamer, dipped in white chocolate. The other half are chocolate cake, Amaretto liquid coffee creamer, rolled in powdered sugar. Store them in a sealed container in the freezer until just before serving, as they will sweat some. 

I serve them cold, but not frozen.


SusanKB Says... 31 Dec 2011 , 9:59am

How do you get the chocolate smooth? Every time I make these they dont turn out smooth. And when I put them on sticks they slide down the stick. I have dipped the stick in chocolate and have froze them again and still the ball slides down. Help.

mooze69 Says... 14 Feb 2012 , 5:36pm

What is liquid coffee creamer,?

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