This is an easy and quick technique to get your butter cream smooth and creates a “faux fondant” effect on your buttercream iced cake.

117289096JaXIwa_ph STEP 1
Equipment list for faux fondant technique

· 1 Batch Crusting Buttercream
· Viva brand paper towel (no design)
· 12″ angled statula, bench scraper or equivalent

· pop bottle tool outlined in black to show (see step #2)
· turntable or lazy susan (not shown)
· fondant smoother

117289515RZAQCd_ph STEP 2
Pop bottle tool

This is the ‘trick’ tothis look.
Cut an empty plastic 2 liter pop bottle with a scissors in the shape drawn on the side in the picture. The length of the tool should not be longer than the height of your tier at the point where the plastic curves towards the neck of the bottle.

Contoured or cut edge cake tier on turntable
Using a contour pan or cut the edge of your tiers with a knife or scissors. I always crumb coat this tier and allow to crust well. (You can put in freezer for 5-8 minutes).
This picture is of an old dummy I’ve used many time, it’s made out of 2 layers of 2″ polystyrene house insulation. This dummy is covered with clear contact paper to make it easier to remove the icing when I want to do a different design.

Ice the cake

I “slather” on icing to the top and sides of the cake. Make sure there is plenty of icing on the cake to start with. Most will be taken back off in the next 3 steps.
117290563KKTKuD_ph STEP 5
Level the top

Level the top with long angel spatula so it is even. Dont’ worry if extra icing is hanging over the edge of the cake.
Smoothing the sides

Holding the bench scraper in one hand, hold at right angle to the edge of the cake with the edge of scraper resting on cake plate or cardboard base.
Turn the turntableor lazy susan with other hand as you hold scraper against the side. Remove icing from scraper in bowl and repeat the process.
After experimenting you will figure out where to position the scraper to get the thickness of icing you want on your cake.
Contouring the top edges

Using that “expensive” pop bottle tool, hold it in your hand as shown. You can change the shape of the contour by how you hold the tool in your hand.
117291622ZuSJlk_ph Turn turntable again as your use the pop bottle tool to scrape and shape the top edge of your cake. Remove excess frosting from tool and repeat process all around top edge.
117292146suxGNd_ph STEP 8
Toweling the sides

At this point, I allow my frosting to crust over slightly before I smooth it with a paper towel.
Crusting buttercream icing Recipe .
Crusting may take from 1-15 minutes depending upon your icing and the humidity in the air. As soon as the icing doesn’t stick to the paper towel, you can proceed. Hold the Viva towel along the side and smooth up and down gently with your fingers or fondant smoother.

I remove my rings from my right hand when I do this so I don’t get indents.
117292768aSinzq_ph STEP 9
Toweling contour

Stretch the paper towel gently over the edge of the cake from the side to the top. Use fingers to smooth out the coutour edge of the cake. Do not allow paper towel to pleat or fold. Move paper towel as needed to smooth all along contour edge.
Ready to decorate

Here is your faux fondant cake ready for decorations of your choice.

You can use impression mats, buttercream ruffles, lace motifs, lace points, your imagination is your limit. Have fun.


By: Sandy Swart (KS)


cherryfondant Says... 8 Mar 2012 , 5:43pm

the pictures from this arn't showing up does anyone have a link that has the pictures, as i need the pictures to see what to do

Drammaw Says... 21 Mar 2012 , 11:27am

I, too, am having problems getting the pictures. Jackie, can you send it to us again?

Loren28 Says... 7 May 2012 , 10:17am

if you click on the "x" and link (where the picture is suppose to be) the pictures will come up in a new window. I it kind of a pain but, at least you get to see what she is talking about. Hope you are able to see the pictures!

rosa369 Says... 6 Aug 2012 , 4:38pm

Thank you so much for shering this! I'm having trouble opening the buttercream recipe. Can you list the ingredients?

rosa369 Says... 6 Aug 2012 , 4:39pm

Thank you so much for sharing this! I'm having trouble opening the buttercream recipe. Can you list the ingredients?

cakebugbyarah Says... 25 Sep 2012 , 7:14pm

ha! finally I wouldlove to try this technique

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