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It still doesn't justify undercutting!

I'm with you there. I just always try to figure out why, why, why people undercharge and that's what I've kind of decided is one reason it's more prevalent with cookies. Cookies are so manageable, you know? Less mess in the kitchen, you don't have to learn how to bake or make fillings and icings. You don't have to learn all sorts of different techniques or even how to cover a cake in fondant. They don't take up much space or have to fit in the frig. Basically, I'm saying easier entry.

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I do cakes and cookies and I can tell you that if you are taking your time and using detailed techniques decorating 2 or 3 dozen cookies takes just as long as baking and assembling a layered cake with filling, buttercream, and fondant accents. 

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Superb article!  Everyone should bookmark that makes (or thinks of making cookies for sale).

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I would consider this design to be fairly simple and thus the price would be driven more by size. I agree that $3.00 for about a 3 inch cookie of this design is appropriate (at least in my market). But I also agree that a rush order that requires me to adjust my week's schedule would jack the price up a bit, probably more like $4 per cookie.

I make cookies and cakes as well, and I find cookies to be much more manageable in terms of time and mess. I can break cookie decorating down in smaller chunks of time, but if I'm rolling out fondant for a three tier cake, I'm kinda stuck for awhile. I never thought I'd say it, but I enjoy doing cookies more because they are smaller and more flexible (at least for me at this point; I'm still a bit of a novice at both).
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You'll notice on the website there's pricing for both 'Character and Logo' cookies.

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You are right spcohio. The work can be more "spread out" with cookies. I've noticed (at least for me) decorating cookies are more mental work and cakes are more physical work. Lol. Does that make sense?
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