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Help Please

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I"m trying to



the shiny gold like the leaves and number 50 in this pic. I think the leaves might be fake paper ones but not sure. I colored my fondant a golden yellow. Pretty dark and am brushing them with a Sterling Pearl Wedding Gold. It isn't even close!

I also will be making pearls .

What can I do?

what color can I color my fondant?

Am I asking the impossilbe?

It doesn't have to be exact.... but closer than what I have .


thanks for help CC friends.

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Gold lustre dust mixed with vodka to form a loose paste will work.  Unless what you're using is lustre dust, but whenever i've tried to make gold fondant the lustre dust works.  Good luck!

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Thanks, I hope I have luster dust. I can' t seem to keep straight all those things. I will try what I have..

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You might have more luck using a gold spray, like this one: 400
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I've achieved that gold tone and shine by using the Wilton gold spray. Good luck!
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I use Americolor gold airbrush and paint it on. Here is an example below

For clients 52nd wedding anniversary

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The first picture looks like they used gold highlighter which not edible.

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I love what I do and do what I love


I love what I do and do what I love

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I haven't tried the Amerimist .  Like CherriesonTop , I use (have ) the Americolor Gold Sheen.

I love what I do and do what I love


I love what I do and do what I love

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HI and thanks for all the tips and info.

 Of course I didn't want the cake to look just like the pic  I posted so here is how mine turned out .

The colors didn't really come through on camera and we also had a huge snow storm. Wasn't sure if my color order was even going to arrive. I had to do with what I had on hand and what I had ordered because of the roads .  I used a wedding pearl gold . It wasn't exactly how I wanted it but I was happy with it and most of all the gal that ordered it was very happy . Up close it had shine

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Hi,this site is just amazing. Please I need help. Am new to baking and I want to get someone make some cake pans for me. What sizes should I ask for. And also the size of the loaf pan. Thank you so much
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You should have started a new thread for this but.... you will find that you use a few sizes the most. You will probably need all at one point especially if your making weddig cakes. The sizes we use most are the 8" , 6" and the 10".
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