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Friday Night Cake Club for 10/4/13

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Opening up another session of the FNCC! Everyone is welcome to come share their week, share photos of their work, ask for help if they need it or provide help if they can.



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Hi everyone!


Only cupcakes and wine truffles and a demo cake this week. The truffles were a learning curve for me! What I didn't know is that the wine lowers the melt temperature of the chocolate. In all of the recipes I found the truffles were rolled in cocoa powder and I thought I'd rather cover them with chocolate. So I made the ganache, let it set up, rolled the truffles and froze them. But when I started to dip them into the chocolate they started to melt INTO the chocolate! So I quickly changed to the cocoa powder and was happy that I had made 30 truffles and not just the needed 24 for the client! I have to say tho'...they were really really cool! The mouth feel was silky and wonderful. I gave the client a sample and she even tipped me! No pictures this week. I'll make the demo cake on Sunday and take photos of that to share next week. Hope you guys had a great week!


OH...quick Thank You to Jan. (Carmijok) who made up little fondant babies for me for an upcoming shower cake. They are SOOOO cute! So nice to have work contacts here that I can trust!



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Ummmm truffles! I love working with chocolate, it so beautiful to look at when the chocolate is all melted, silky and smooth.


Right now I'm fighting with a quinceanera cake. I covered two tiers in fondant no problem, the bottom tier is giving me fits. I covered the 14" the first time, started stenciling and notice a giant air bubble, that has never happened to me before, I cut a slit to let the air out, but instead the air bubble kept growing and starting tearing the fondant. I peeled it all off, threw it away, re-covered, and stenciled, but the fondant covering just looks kind of bumpy. I want to cover it again, but I don't have any more purple fondant left, and I think it will be a nightmare to color some this late in the game. Arrggh! 


I'm also working on a minecraft cake for a 12th birthday. It is a very fun cake, I don't get to do very many for pre-teens.


Can't wait to see the cakes everyone is working on.

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That 14 inch tier does sound like a nightmare! I do hope you were able to smooth it down or at least hide the bumps well enough for your own piece of mind. I've noticed that the clients don't even notice the stuff that drives me nuts!


Can't wait to see the finished products of both cakes!



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Working on half dummy half real cake...for practice. I made my second peony which once again tried to fall apart. Really need a ceilo board. Also my fondant is super lumpy I made it work but posted on the boards that I need help with it. Its from scratch so if anyone knows what I could be doing wrong please post there I'd appreciate it!

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Just finished a LOTR wedding cake, the bride purchased figurines of Arwen and Aragorn and wanted them in the small gazebo that sits on the Rivendell cliffside, pretty happy with it for a first attempt. Now to ice the carrot slab cake and another small birthday cake

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That sounds exciting Mallory! I need to have a LOTR night its been awhile.


You can send all the extra truffles my way:D

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Smitty: the lumpy fondant can be from old powdered sugar. Basically when you make fondant and sift in the sugar any lumps left over that made it past the sifting process usually dissolve in the 24 hours you leave the fondant to cure. Old sugar won't do this. The lumps stay. You can sift it a few times to help but, basically, you end up with lumpy fondant. Buying pure cane sugar from a reputable store helps you to get newer processed sugar but check the expiration dates just to be safe.

But your flower is simply gorgeous!! Seriously wonderful work with it.


Mallory: I would LOVE to see that cake. We are huge LOTR fans in our house<G> (geeky side showing now)



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Thanks Cat I bought the PS today from walmart not sure how reputable..I'll check the date was trash day might be gone..

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Good Evening all,  


Smitty, I just love your peony.  I hope to get around to making one some day soon.  I think I haven't tried because the tought scares me.  But their just beautiful flowers to begin with.


Cat, I'll take a box full of truffles.  For tasting you know. lol


Tdove, I'll be the xv cake will be beautiful, I can't wait to start doing them again.  



I only have 2 small cakes for this week.  a small minnie mouse for a birthday and a walking dead theme cake.  Which I really didn't study the cake until earlier.  I looked at the pic sent and said piece of cake, lol  Now I realize there's lots of detail work.    Jeesh...  Live and learn.


I'll post pics on Monday.

Virginia 323.253.8213
He is the man of my dreams, my prince; He gives me the desires of my heart, He completes me. His name is Jesus
Virginia 323.253.8213
He is the man of my dreams, my prince; He gives me the desires of my heart, He completes me. His name is Jesus
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Hi everyone, love the peony.  I have been playing with sugarveil this week and finally had success.  Obviously a product to use in the cooler months, here, when the humidity is lower.  It is going on cupcakes on Monday to take to work.  I'm on a diet and can't eat so it cheers me up to hear everyone at work rave about how beautiful things look (I'm presuming at this stage that they will look fine).

Also tried making French tulips today.  O.K. they are presumably easy but the first 3 were too frilly and I haven't really looked at the next 3 yet as they are upside down.  Will post pictures next week, maybe.

All this is to cheer myself up.  As well as being on a diet, I woke up on Tuesday with no voice.  Not quite sure where I left it.  Luckily I had a student, at work, who had to talk to all my mammogram patients for me cos I had to be almost on top of people for them to hear.

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I made this for my little cousin's birthday today. I'm working hard on my techniques and I think I'm seeing some improvements. I definitely see many flaws in the cake but birthday boy loved it!


I love doing little kids cakes, as long as it looks remotely like they wanted they are thrilled icon_smile.gif
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Thread Starter are being way too hard on yourself! That is about as near perfection as can be! Totally cool too!!

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The cake I have planned for today (home baker) is a s'mores cake at son's request. Chocolate chocolate chip cake with toasted marshmallows and graham cracker pieces on top.

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cazza that is good to know about the sugarveil I hadn't tried it yet. Didn't even think about humidity being a problem. Can't wait to see your tulips!


Ruthie what is so funny is yesterday I watched TMNT with my 3 year old for the first time(for him) that cake is awesome you did a fabulous job! Oh I just realized its on a pizza didn't catch that at first did a really great job!


Ok here is the cake I was working on. Luckily the RI held up the flower petal that fell off along with the stamens that already fell off. That's what you get when you are in a hurry.

My second Peony made of gumpaste. The ruffles are all fondant. Thanks for looking!

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