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URGENT! Attempting scallop fondant on top of buttercream? - Newbie here!

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Hi see this cake below? Love it and trying to do a variation. I'm new to fondant so I thought I would attempt the top pieces on top of Buttercream? 1. Any chance I could try using Betty Crocker frosting for this? Trying to save on time w little ones n much to do. 2. If not should I attempt Crusting BC recipe or Indydebi? BC?

Also any pointers on getting the fondant on the cake and not having wrinkles etc? I played w playdo to give me any prior sense. Then I cut a size /pattern for the scallop out of wax paper. I'm only trying to cover a six in top (planing double layer 6in on top of double 8 in). Also is it ok to use boxed cake mix?

Thank you! Guessing my pic is fondant on fondant? Hard to tell but looks perfect. I know mine wont look so perfect but hoping can at least get pretty good?
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.............would attempt the top pieces on top of Buttercream? 1. Any chance I could try using Betty Crocker frosting for this?.....

It can be done but is a bit tricky.  I would NOT use a non-crusting BC.  Mainly because you are not experienced enough to keep from making fingerprints in the b'cream.

............attempt Crusting BC recipe or Indydebi?........Good idea -but have you asked Debi if she is available to hang around on a cake until you are ready to cut it? (joke! LOL)

............pointers on getting the fondant on the cake and not having wrinkles etc?........

Roll it a bit thin.  Work quickly.  If b'cream is well crusted you should not have a problem being able to work out any wrinkles that might develope.  *after* the fondant is applied, lift it a bit & reach under it to brush on some (very small amount) water or piping gel.

............ok to use boxed cake mix?...........  Sure :)   Here is a like to a great 'enhanced' box recipe:


Hope that helps you out :)

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Great thank you! :)X Do I just let the cake sit w buttercream for it to "crust"? Should I freeze it at any point? Could I do this sat night for party on sun night? Do I need to refrigerate? I was going to add ears and bow the next day (sun.). Is it ok if my icing is refrigerated first?

Sorry for extra questions but figured I'd better ask now that I joined this site! And before I attempt with nothing but interest behind me. 😉
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Also should I just crumb coat top only? Or ok to have more icing ? And what about sides? Less at top sides where scallops would be?
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I would frost the entire cake as normal and let it firm up in the fridge before adding the fondant overlay.  As the previous poster said, roll out your fondant thinly and after you lay it on the top of the cake,"flare" out the bottom edges gently as you go round the cake to adhere it to the butter cream.  A touch of edible glue or piping gel before adding the fondant will help it stick.  Best of luck with it - it's a super cute cake!

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I do fondant scallops on bc all the time.

Just ice the cake as you normally would and then let it chill in the fridge, not freezer. You want it cold and hard, then lay your fondant on top and smooth down the sides about 2 inches and then cut the scallops and remove the excess fondant.

If you work fast before condensation begins gathering on the bc you should be able to do it without leaving any marks on the bc. If you do get a smudge or a smear just re-chill and smooth out with your finger tip.

Here are a few examples-

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Great Thank yo all! Curious - do I need to add gum paste to bow or ears? Or will it harden enough just sitting out - or should I not have them sit out? I did pickup a special shape deco dough? Thought I could use for ears might be sturdier? I also have plain black fondant. And not sure if it matters but pink bow and white scallop are all Pre-made Wilton fondant.


Btw ur sample cakes are AMAZing!
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The ears are simply circles cut from fondant.  For those you roll the fondant on the thick side and let it sit awhile to firm up before adding them to the cake.

I'm not familiar w/the product you posted so can't help there.  In general it is up to the decorator if they want to add Tylose or use gp instead of fondant.  Personally I have done both and the results to me are similar so why add extra cost by using the Tylose?

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Hi all! Well I definitely had a few hiccups but somehow, pulled it off! icon_biggrin.gif
Not bad (I think?) for a first attempt at buttercream frosting, double layers, and scalloped fondant!
The last (and only other) big attempt I made w fondant was adding fondant wings n horns to a dragon cake. I was worried about that, but this was another level. icon_wink.gif

Sat night was looking real bad - but Sun morning we were looking not bad. icon_smile.gif

Thanks again so much for all the great tips.

Some challenges/please advise for future if you would?
1. Indydebbie's BC was great! But I did have difficulty making it smooth and at one point it seemed when I tried to put more on - instead it would clump off in places?
Also I made a double batch recipe. I was so worried about having enough to cover cakes I used canned icing in between layers. Woulda had enough.
Ended up using extra on cupcakes (12+ 8?regular, maybe another 12 mini?)?
My cake was double 8 and double 6 inch.

2. So I tried the VIVA paper towel method. Actually at first tried this w wax paper. Tried to smooth BC w sheet of paper in hand. It worked to some degree but gave BC an odd inconsistent finish. I immediately sent dad out. And told him he had to find ViVA! icon_wink.gif it was the only thing could save my cake now! It really helped - wish I would have waited n not used wax paper. Live n learn. Mind you I did view an Edna De la Cruz tutorial recommended by someone on some post here. But as she said. Takes practice. How does it look so easy? I felt like my boy trying to write his letters legibly.

3. Shoulda used cut outs for ears. Used an xacto and I'm not so exact. Worked well for my M but ears were another matter. Next time. icon_wink.gif

4. Forgot to get bubble tea straws! But I cut a few kabob skewers n stacked together. Worked well!

5. Loved the box cake adaptation recipe - but w so much new to me I was to afraid to try that too. Next time!
Note: I used Betty Crocker strawberry - top and chocolate cupcakes - yummy! But DH French vanilla (which I've used before w canned Icing).
Not sure if DH was a bad box or BC icing was too good for it? But it did Not taste good together (or not good w you IMHO)!

6. Also worked fast w fondant on cake after refrigeration - didn't have a lot of fondant to attach but worked well w no condensation. icon_smile.gif


So I didn't copy my inspiration cake which I still adore, but feel I did a not bad elegant toddlers cake. And my girl Loved it!

Again thanks so much for the help Cake Central!
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Oh and I needed "some" bit of perfection on the cake. Picked up some perfectly precious pearls (gum balls really) at the store! Love how they echoed the milk glass motif and girlish love of jewelry.

What a blast. Could never do this professionally - but admire all of you who do and your incredible works of Art! icon_smile.gif
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WOW! for a 1st timer you did REALLY good! :)

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It's a very cute cake, and yeah for your first time, that's awesome! 

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Thank you both. icon_smile.gif and thanks again for the recipe Kakeladi! Learning so much here. May force myself to make more cupcakes or cake soon just for practice. icon_smile.gif
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