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Ganache and fondant cake- help with timeline

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Hi. I am wanting to make a two tier cake. One covered with white choc ganache and fondant. The other tier covered in dark/milk choc ganache and fondant.
My questions are:-
Can I cover cakes in ganache and store in fridge? If so do I cover them and how long can I keep them before covering in fondant.
Basically I need it for christening on a Sat morning, so want all decorated by Fri night. However I will not be home on either the Tuesday or Wednesday (only away one of these days have to decide which day better to be away)
If away the Wed, can I ganache and store in fridge on Tues until Thurs when I would cover in fondant. Friday decorate, ready for Sat? Which would prob
mean baking on Monday? Any thoughts or suggestions welcome as to best way to achieve this would be greatly appreciated!.
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Is there something in the cake that needs refrigeration? Neither ganenche nor cake need to be in the fridge.


I would bake anytime, wrap and freeze. Make your ganache on the weekend before, or Monday. Let set at room temp covered well and then fridge or freeze if you're keeping it for a number of days. Or make it on Wednesdya nd leave it at room temp.


Cakes out of freezer Thursday morning and let come to room temp (about an hour). Heat up ganache in the microwave in 20 second bursts, until spreadable, when you're ready to use it.


Ganache in the morning on Thursday and fondant in the afternoon/evening and decorate on Friday. Or ganache Thursday night and fondant and decorate on Friday. Or ganache, fondant and decorate all on Friday.

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Thank you mcaulir for your response. Very helpful! I really wasn't sure if I could ganache and fondant on same day, so that is good to know. How long should I wait between ganache and fondant?
Again thank you.
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You're supposed to wait a number of hours at room temp for it to set. But I often put it in the fridge for 15 minutes, then just the time it takes to roll out your fondant at room temp is enough.


You just want the ganache so it doesn't leave a mark when you touch it. And don't leave it in the fridge too long, or you'll have trouble with condensation when you try to put the fondant on.

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Again, thank you very much. icon_smile.gif
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No problems - hope it was helpful!

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