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Will fondant bleed on BC & transport question

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My niece wants a zebra striped cake with turquoise. I am making a 2 tier cake (10 inch & 6 inch-both 2 layers), frosting in white BC, fondant black zebra stripes and fondant turquoise bow on top with fondant ribbon flowing down top layer. (May use turquoise band for border or small fondant balls.)


I have to transport the cake 3 1/2- 4 hrs away and I'm in VA, very hot & humid. I have searched and have read to refrigerate the cake, keep the car ice cold, and cover windows from sunlight shining on cake.  However, I just read on the Wilton site, searching for tips on making turquoise, to avoid fondant bleeding onto the BC, DON'T refrigerate the cake or the fondant will sweat and bleed?  Is this true? If I allow the BC to crust before adding the stripes, should I be ok?


Also since I am traveling so far, should I assemble there?  I am going to use dowel rods but really afraid of that distance it vibrating just too much.


Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)  Thank you!

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Fondant can sweat and possibly bleed when removed from frig cut down on that posibility, box the cake and then put the boxed cake into a plastic bag before putting in frig.  Then leave it that way until you get to the site.  The sweat/moisture should not reach the cake but be on the box/bag. 

If you allow the bc to crust the fondant stripes will not stick to it :(  But you can let it crust after applying the stripes and before 'friging the cake.  That might help.It wouldn't hurt to assemble on site.  That way you can box each tier seperately.  I have taken cakes that distance but it depends on the roads and your driving.  It is much better to have fewer problems by assembling on site.

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Thank you for the advice, I'll follow it.  Thanks.

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