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No luck with lemon cake

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Hi all cake professionals, i'm at my wits end here with lemon cake.


I have tried three different lemon cake (batter) recipes in all and no luck with any of them.


The first was from the famous 1 2 3 4 lemon cake:

Love the flavour but the cake is too dense and dry.


The second was from here:

Very soft and fluffy cake but cake layers shrank into an odd shape. I baked a little cupcake with some batter and the texture is nice.


The third was from Dorie Greenspan's Perfect Party Cake:

I lessened the sugar 50 grams, baked it in three 8-inch pans. Cakes did not rise much (common problem I read), did not brown unless I let it bake on, past the skewer comes out clean stage. The cupcake I test baked also did not brown, but the texture is ok.


Can anybody give me any pointers here??


I add lemon juice to whole milk to make buttermilk in all the recipes.


Thank you in advanced!

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I haven't tried any of those recipes but I love Toba Garret's lemon (coconut)'s gorgeous. You can omit the coconut.


Can you try using actual buttermilk and see if that makes any difference, rather than making your own?

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Hi Cakefat, thank you, I am going to check out the recipe you recommended!


I did not use actual buttermilk partly because the recipes also say to use lemon juice + milk for the buttermilk.

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I haven't tried this one however it is very popular with Australian decorators...


Good Luck x

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That one is a Rose Beranbaum recipe, I love it, the white chocolate really makes it.

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I do a lemon chiffon cake, which is always receiving rave reviews. Its probably one of my most requested flavours. Its light and delicious. You can adjust the amount of lemon flavour you want, I pair it with a lemoncurd buttercream filling and its amazing!

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Just take your regular white or yellow recipe, and to it add a couple teaspoons of lemon zest, and three tablespoons of lemon extract.


I had a recipe which called for lemon oil and it was absolutely fantastic.  It was a DeDe Wilson recipe I think.

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I add the zest and a little of the juice to a yellow or pound cake then warm the rest of the juice with a little sugar and spoon it over the cake once it's out the oven :-) mmmmmmmmm

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I was going to say the same. My lemon cake is basically my yellow cake with lots of lemon zest and some lemon extract. If you have a white or yellow cake that works for you, you can try substituting the amount of vanilla called for with lemon extract and add the zest of 1-2 lemons depending on how 'lemony' you want it.

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Hi frecklescakes! Thank you for sharing that recipe! I am looking for something that is softer because it will be made into a layer cake. That cake does look wonderful as a tea cake though!
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My last cake was Lemon, Lime & Coconut and it was lovely!!   I just added the zest of a lemon and lime to the mix as well as the juice of both and also added 1tbsp of coconut!   For the filling I done vanilla buttercream with lemon curd stirred in a little so it was marbled!     went down a treat for my mum's birthday :)

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Scrumdiddlycakes, I have so much leftover egg yolks after making loads of swiss meringue that this cake seems so viable to try out. I have never thought of paring white chocolate with lemon!
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Hi Pearline, any chance are sharing the recipe? I totally understand if you prefer not to icon_smile.gif
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Annie, crazy gray & vgcea, I was hoping to get a real lemony cake. I am planning to fill the layers with homemade lemon curd and frost with meringue and go wild with the blowtorch.
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Lea that sounds awesome. I'm going to check out your Facebook page!
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