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Cherry chip cake??

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Hi all! I am brand new to the boards but have been lurking for some time. I am a fairly new cake business OWNER but have been doing them personally for a while. I'm located in Tennessee and recently was asked by a customer (who is originally from Minnesota) for a cherry chip cake. She acted like that was a common flavor so I felt dumb to ask and just nodded my head and smiled thinking I could google it. But when I googled I came up with a few recipes. Some there were chocolate cherry, some that were white cherry so I am wondering if there is a general recipe for a common cherry chip??

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I've heard of both chocolate and vanilla cherry flavors. I've also baked both. I would assume your customer is talking about vanilla cherry. Of course I can't be certain of that, but I would think *chocolate* cherry would have been specified.
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I probably didn't help much. Maybe you should contact your customer and tell her that you've got delicious recipes for both chocolate and vanilla, but wasn't sure which she wanted.
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I'm from Iowa and a cherry chip cake is a boxed Betty Crocker flavor.  I don't know how it is replicated homemade.  Might ask her if she wants the boxed flavor of it.

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