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This reminds me of a link a friend of mine posted about making pudding with almond milk yesterday. The blogger says she uses almond milk because regular milk is just full of junk, then proceeds to use a Jello fat free instant pudding mix and brownie that she says she left wrapped in plastic wrap for several days. Hello?! 


And I think there's a difference between 'processed' as in sugar and flour that have been processed, and processed food that has been filled with chemicals to enhance the shelf life, reduce calories, make it instant, etc etc. I used to live in Europe and when I moved here I was shocked at what is still allowed in food here.

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I've never made a ready mixed box cake....I even feel like I'm cheating when I buy made scones (Morrisons have great scones from their bakery counter).  Every so often I pick a packet up to read it's ingredients, half of which I don't what they are LOL!


I feel a bit of a cheat reading about all the girls here making their own fondant....I have only ever bought Dr Oetker's  'Regal Ice' ... methinks I need to practiceicon_eek.gif

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Just a little reminder to everyone...due to copyright laws we are not permitted to cut and paste or type out recipe methods that are attributed to published authors - either online or from books. We don't make the laws, but we must abide by them.


Feel free to list ingredients, but do not post the directions/methods. Also there is no issue with anyone simply recommending a recipe and directing the OP where to find it (as many of you have done already).


Thanks everyone.

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We can still post a link to a recipe, right?

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Edna De LaCruz has quite a few from scratch. Go to her website and look at RECIPES

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Annie, yes - no problem there!
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