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SMBC looks good?

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Hi guys! I'm really okay with the SMBC. I make it all the time but I want to know if your smbc looks like this sometimes? Why she have many air bubbles? I whip my egg whites (of course) and then switch for the paddle attchment for incorporate de butter. On the picture, the smbc remained ten minutes on the counter... (this is a SMBC has raspberry jam)



Photo 556.jpg 3,294k .jpg file




Photo 556.jpg 3,294k .jpg file
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Hmmm does it look like that before you add the raspberry jam?  

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maybe it needs to be whipped a little longer?


If you google 


sweetapolita's smbc demystified


you will find great step by step instructions with photos,

the last photo looks similar to yours but she said she whipped it longer to get the right consistency


so maybe that's the solution! :)

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Looks like the SMBC was made with the whisk attachment all the way. Like we all know, the purpose of the whisk is to incorporate air. This is great for the meringue stage but not so much for the incorporation of butter, which is why most recipes instruct you to switch to the paddle. Others even recommend turning down the mixer speed for the last stage. My pastry chef-instructor likes to use the whisk all the way on high speed, then he uses a spatula to mix after it's done to get out the excess air bubbles. 

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Hi! Well sometimes, she look better than this.. Maybe whip a little bit too much!  Or incorporate the butter too with the paddle too fast.


I will see the post at Sweetapolita... Thank you :)


Also,Thanks for the idea vgcea!

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