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The past few times when ever I have needed dark color fondant, I have started with white and colored it from there and never had any problems.
Well the past two times, I have needed black and navy blue. I colored them to the color I wanted, got them rolled, (not to thin and not to thick) and put them on the cake. As soon as I start smoothing it down, I starts to rip and tear from the top right around the edge. It does not do it when I use white or color it a lighter color.
Does anyone have any tips on what to do? I'm at a loss ..... icon_redface.gif
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All the color is changing the chemical make up of the fondant and making it too soft. You might want to try kneading in some powdered sugar. I usually try to have some already made black fondant on hand if I need to use it for something--but for dark color cakes all over--I get out my airbrush!!
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I use powder sugar like crazy because otherwise it sticks. And I cant find any black ready made fondant unless I order it. Airbrushing I have not even attempted yet. I havent been doing cakes for long.
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There is usually some black at Michael's or Hobby Lobby but the best stuff is for order!
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The Michaels I have here has a very small cake section. But we are getting a Hobby lobby soon, so i am hoping that will have more.
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Check the pre-made boxes on the bottom shelf. That is where I bought some black fondant about a month ago. I had already decided they didn't have any. We only have like an aisle and a half of cake stuff, too. Good luck!
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Okay, Ill check. Thanks!! icon_smile.gif
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If you use the powder food colors the fondant does not break down like it does with the gels. It will also hold its color better. It doesn't fade quite as much in the lights.
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I didnt know there was powder colors... I will have to check into that. Thank you!
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I use "Candy and Cake" Powder Coloring, especially when I have to do any of the deep colors.
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