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How do I make a galaxy with tons of tiny stars?

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I need to make a black cake with tons of tiny stars or dots, what method should I use to make tons of dots on black fondant? I need the shapes to be consistently round. I'm not the best piper so royal icing might be too difficult for me. What are your thoughts. Btw, I mean tiny dots. Thank you.
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I would use a toothbrush dipped in gel white color and sprinkle on top. Try it on a piece of fondant first to see if you like the effect. good luck
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What about double fondant?? A very thin white layer, overlain with a thicker black piece that you pierce repeatedly with the small opening of one of your round tips before placement? I have no idea if that would work but it popped into my head. Lol
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I would cover the cake with black fondant, and then use white food coloring deluted with vodka to make the stars. I would use the either the flat end, or pointed end of a bamboo skewer, depending on the size of the round dot you wish, and dip it in the mixture, and then put the dots on the cake. Global Sugar Art carries, America White Food Coloring Gel. Or you could splatter paint it by dipping a clean new tooth brush into the food coloring, and running your thumb over the bristles and aim it towards the cake.
Word of warning: YOU WANT A DROP CLOTH FOR THIS! icon_wink.gif

Hope this helps,
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Tons of dots? I would pipe them because after the first 50 or so they will all be perfect.

And if you use tip 13s they will really be stars.
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I would probably use one of the ideas already mentioned but if you dont like them for some reason, you could cover the cake in black fondant and use the smallest piping tip you have to cut out white fondant stars/circles and stick them on (using tweasers probably!)
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You could use silver star edible glitter. Attaching all of those would be quite time consuming, but the effect would be cool.
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Just to assure you, imperfection is the very nature of what we do. Making hundreds of anything and tediously sticking them on doesn't seem the best way to go. I would pipe these directly on the cake. Because, this involves no piping skills at all other than holding the bag and squeezing a little.

Some tips:

Practice on a sheet of paper to see if the consistency is where you want it. Make sure it is not too runny.

Get in a rhythm. Squeeze, release,squeeze, release - the dots will be pretty consistent.

If you release pressure before pulling away, you'll get less points.

Any points you do get - keep a bowl of water nearby. Wet your finger and touch the tip to smooth the dot. Works like a charm.

Lastly, the eye is quickly fooled into thinking everything is the same - even if it is not.

Good luck.
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