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cotton candy CAKE

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hi all..ive googled and found a few recipes ...
I am looking for a cake that will have the taste of cotton candy..a lot of the recipes i come across is a standard cake, but with cotton candy icing..which i don't want. i know there are the extracts that you can use to flavor..but when i read reviews of it INSIDE the cake, it doesn't seem to shine and get the cotton candy flavor out there.

I found one site that had this, and she said it tasted like cotton candy...Do you think there will be any problem w/ this recipe...being it's only 3 elements?

1 (18.25 oz) white cake mix
2 cups (1 pint) melted cotton candy ice cream
3 eggs

Thank you guys!
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You could use a white cake mix and add cotton candy flavored candy oil. I did this last summer when a friend of mine requested a bubblegum flavored cake. Just remember that the candy oil is strong so start with six to eight drops and then taste the batter before adding more.
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So did you ever make it?
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If you want to make the Cotton Candy Cake then try to use this...


  • 2 packets Duncan Hines® Frosting Creations™ Cotton Candy Flavor Mix



-You need to find in Walmart and Winn Dixie..Really just have to shop around because some stores carry limited flavors.


-I actually picked some up from my local cake and candy supply store, but perhaps check out Amazon for an online option.

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