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Help needed-how to make a sock monkey cake

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About to attempt my first sock monkey cake. Want to make either a 3-d medium sized monkey to sit on top of cake, or perhaps a whole cake as a monkey. Am seeking advice from anyone who has done a sock monkey--not sure how to go about this. Thank you!
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I just made one this weekend. I formed the monkey out of chocolate gum paste - it was super easy. Here is a picture of it. let me know if you have any questions
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HI i would love to know how you made that cake and the sock monkey. please hust let me know. my son would love it.
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that cake looks suspiciously familiar LOL! I never knew my sock monkey cake was ever going to be so popular. For my cake i used chocolate fondant or the monkey and a knitting impression mat that i made myself to get the knitted pattern. the rest is just fondant covered with usual stripes and dots and argyle etc, if you do use fondant though for your monkey make sure that you add tylose to it so that your monkey holds his shape better! hope this helps some one.
passionate about cakes
passionate about cakes
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how did you make your knitting impressionmat?  Just curious!

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Could i ask what you made your impression mat out of. I was asked to create a cake similar to yours, With a sock monkey and the argyle, and i am having a time figuring out whats the best way to get the good impression on the monkey. I will say your monkey is one of the bests i have seen as far as texture and looking realistic. Thank you for any help! :)

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How did you make the hat and pom pom on top and the sock monkey?  I have been asked to make a similar cake.  I would appreciate any help.

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Hereis a tutorial on how to do the monkey:

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I followed that video tutorial for a baby shower cake I just did and this was my monkey.  Changes I made was instead of painting royal icing on I got a brand new dobby sponge and pressed a knitted pattern into it before it was dry.  I saw that on another post and it gave it great texture.  I also did 2 black balls flattened for eyes but then I poked 4 indentations in each to make them look more like buttons.  I made my fringe on the hat from my extruder and then followed same technique and last I added a red heart then painted the heart with red disco dust mixed with piping gel...

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not sure why my picture did not appear but here it is again

I made this gumpaste sock monkey following a youtube video I watched f difference is I pressed in texture with a new sponge, I used an extruder, made buttons for the eyes and added a heart.

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I know where you can actually by that set of toppers already made!



Good luck with your cakesicon_biggrin.gif

passionate about cakes
passionate about cakes
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I did a very simple piped sock monkey cake last year - keep in mind, I'm a self-taught amateur, nowhere near the caliber of some folks here! :-)  Anyway, I freehanded the shape, and used a small star tip to (hopefully) be reminiscent of the knitted texture.  The gray icing is actually Oreo buttercream - so it has that "marled" look to it instead of a flat gray.  So just another idea for you!



Little boy's 1st birthday, 2012

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I have been asked to make your cake too!!!! how did you make the knitting mat? and how did you make the stitching on the middle tier?? please help!

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I just posted my version of a sock monkey's in the "newest cakes" gallery.


Question:  This post was started last year....why is it coming up again?  Did someone do a search for sock money and then bump it back into circulation?

Aah, cake. . .the 5th food group!!
Aah, cake. . .the 5th food group!!
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Look at post #7
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