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if martha says THAN IM DEFINATLY TRYING IT LOL!!! i will just sterilize them first!
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Wow what a great idea. I tried to use the clear stamps for a baby shower cake I made for my cousin. I used 2 diffrent stamps but the fondant wouldnt release from the stamp. I used Crisco and corn starch, but that didnt work either.

I'll try to use PS next time.
I smile because I don't know what the hell is going on.
I smile because I don't know what the hell is going on.
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Does anyone know: If you can "coat" the rubber stamp with food lacquer would that make it safe? I've used rubber stamps on items that were not meant to be eaten but I would like to also try them on edible items.

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if I understand correctly, the not-food-safe of the stamps has to do with the material of the rubber as well as the adhesive that is used to put it on the wooden block.... so there's nothing you can do to a non-food safe stamp like that to make it food safe.

I've used food-safe stamps on took a lot of time... painted piping gel on the raised part of the stamp, then "stamped" it onto the dried RI covered cookie and then covered that marking with luster dust or colored sugar and shaken off the excess. (white dress on bottom row of dress cookies, but you can's see the silver of the stamp very well in the picture)

I've never tried it with food coloring, but I imagine the same type of method of painting onto the part of the stamp would work... but would take a lot of time.
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OK, I don't think I was clear on what I meant. If you completely coated the whole stamp and wood block with edible lacquer, creating a barrier between the stamp, wood, glue, etc and your cookie, would that be considered OK.

Also, has anyone tried to place plastic wrap between the stamp and cookie? Could you shrink wrap over the stamp to avoid wrinkles in the plastic?

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i have heard abotu people using plastic wrap (check out the link JanH gave me)

I would assume that would me ok... icon_smile.gif again different opinions makes it hard to know what to do!
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I saw some unmounted stamps at Hobby Lobby the other day. Wonder if they would be ok? Is the rubber toxic? So the clear acrylic stamps are ok? Guess we could call the manufacturer to see. Some won't say but some will. Wish I could remember way brand these were

Also, I was wanting to use them to emboss marshmallow RBC (softer than fondant) and I think it wouldn't take much pressure. Then I was going to pipe over the impression for a 3d effect
Friends will enhance your life. Everyone else is just an acquaintance
Friends will enhance your life. Everyone else is just an acquaintance
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icon_smile.gif If you use unmounted stamps they are food safe.
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I realize this is an old thread, but since it was already bumped up and I was curious about the use of these stamps, I thought it would be okay to post.

The clear stamps (the ones that you can mount on acrylic) are not deemed to be food safe. This is the e-mail I got today from the supplier:

Thank you for your interest in Inkadinkado! Unfortunately, our products are not tested to be food safe, so I do not recommend them for that use. I apologize for the inconvenience. Please let me know if you have further questions. Have a great day and a Happy New Year!

It's curious though that they are sold on Global Sugar Art.

I have some of the stamps and used them on fondant for cupcakes, (which thankfully were just for playing around and ended up in my freezer).

I love the designs though. So, today I rolled out some fondant and then topped it with saran wrap (yes, it's FOOD SAFE!!!) and then used the stamper. It worked well. When I peeled off the saran, I was pleased with the result. The lines may not be 'quite' as sharp as when using the stamp without saran, but you'd have to have both samples side by side to notice a difference.
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using a rubber band on cookies? I am sure everything would be that perfect then and I know everything would be that perfect one.


self inking stamp

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I wonder if rubber stamps you cut yourself would be food safe. No chemicals from etching.
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