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Frosting slid off!!

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Hi everyone. i'm new here. i started an at home cupcake and cake decorating business recently and I had my very first cupcake delivery disaster yesterday. i was hoping some one could help me figure out what happened??

I made pumpkin cupcakes. i had never made them before. I made cream cheese frosting and I have used this numerous times with no incidents. Some where during delivery, the frosting slid off on about 1/4 of the cupcakes. Some i was able to repair but others i was not. I was so disappointed and the customer was a little upset.

What did i do wrong? I didn't hit the breaks, i drove carefully, I don't understand why this happened. is it because the pumpkin cupcakes were too moist?? Any ideas. they were completely cooled so i know it wasn't a heat thing. any ideas?? how can i prevent this in the future?
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So how cheap are you, exactly? icon_wink.gif I would think in the OC you could charge a good amount. Anyways......was the recipe oil based? Since you had never tried it before seeing how they would behave for a paying gig....not sure what to tell you with that. Probably the new recipe you used.
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I range from $1.00-$3.00 per cupcake. It just depends on what is going on them and everything. For cakes, it varies. The recipe was not oily in fact I didn't use any oil at all. but canned pumpkin tends to be kind of greasy so maybe it was that?? i don't know. it was very frustrating. they tasted GREAT but the frosting slid off on some.
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What is the temp in your area? I know OC can be very warm this time of yr. Mayby you needed to use the AC in the car. Maybe the sun came thru the car window right on the cake box? CrCh icing melts easily.
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By any chance had you refrigerated them at all?
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yesterday was fairly chilly in the 60's so the heat was not an issue and I did not refrigerate them. Maybe I should add more sugar to the frosting if i'm going to be putting it on such a moist cake??
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