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Happy Anniversary, Carol Ann!!!
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Carol Ann what age did you get married at? You don't look older than 39 in your photo, were you a child bride?


Have you started planning next years cake yet?
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Until I joined this site I didn't know sugar crafters used box mixes. I have only ever baked from scratch. But I recently found out that my local bakery uses bulk mixes.
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Neat thread.

Scratch for me too. I am a pastry cook, not really a cake decorator (that part is a hobby mostly...still learning) so for me the cake part is the most important.

I gave in a few weeks ago and tried the WASC cake though for a white wedding cake, as the bride did not like my scratch whites at the tasting, and I do so few white cakes ever anyway.

She was happier, the cake went over well and did taste pretty good, but I would have preferred to have made her a yellow, chocolate or other flavored cake or dessert. I don't 'get' plain white cake I suppose I am biased a bit. There are so many yummy flavors out there!
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There is a hot debate going on in the "How Do I" forum over just this subject, if you want to see more opinions too-

(Oh, yeah, not an expert here either, just an experimentalist!) icon_biggrin.gif
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