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Rotten Husband...Redemption!!

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Just wanted to update about my Rotten Husband!!

He came home on Friday with these shelves and asked where I wanted them! icon_lol.gif

I was so excited about getting all my stuff in one place...said I don't care..just put em up somwhere...anywhere! thumbs_up.gif He also cleaned out our 'cubby' above the fridge. That's where my NEW cake carrier, cake boards, and cookie cutters are!! YEAH!!!! It's in our laundry room....there are still a few boxes we haven't found a new place for yet...but I think it's wonderful!

Before I had stuff literally all over the house and could never find what I needed!

He said it was b/c he got tired of me you know where Then being invovled in a half hour+ search for said item. Said I don't care why you did it......just glad you did!!

I LOVE him!! Guess I'll lay off the Rotten dog story for awhile now!
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That is great! I am trying to get all my cake stuff together in one place but I have the same problem. It is here, there and everywhere!

It was very nice of your husband to do that for you. Now, if you can get the dog to do something really nice...

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It must be wonderful having everything at your fingertips. I would love to have a 6' x 10' pantry with floor to ceiling shelving for my "stuff". Yours looks great! Way to go hubby! thumbs_up.gif
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haaahaa thats so awesome my hubbie is getting me shelves bc he too is tired of doing a 45 min search looking for stuff icon_biggrin.gif
its starting to look alot like baking.
its starting to look alot like baking.
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Well, my hubby won't get me any shelves as I have to get them myself, but until then everything is in large rubbermaid totes! It's a pain when I dig stuff out, but that's okay for now...someday! What I really want are those stainless steel shevles like you see at Cosctco!
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Yeah, the stainless shelves are nice. My ultimate dream.... a fully equipped commercial kitchen!!
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