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Haha, I like the comment about being a school teacher, but no, as much as I would be very proud to call that profession my own, I am not one of that highly respected calling!
I tend to write a lot in detail, I can see you all rolling on the floor laughing, haha! The funny thing is every so often I try to shorten posts and folks always ask for more detail So I am becoming convinced that there may well be a lot of people like me that like steps and a lot of detail. Either that or they are humouring me, haha!
Well, there were various editions published of the three volumes, so when an edition or publication was sold out, sometimes another newer edition was printed. Unless you are an avid book collector looking for a volume from the original printings, it doesn't really matter. However this does influence the price. As with all books, with collectors they are looking for first editions, not second and thirds.
The titles:
the Wilton Way of Cake Decorating
Volume One
A Complete Encyclopedia
Edited By Eugene T. And Marilynn C. Sullivan
Published in 1974
Library of Congress Catalog Number 74-13330
International Standard Book Number 0-912696-04-4
Printed and Bound In Italy by Campi Editore, Foligno
Original Price U.S. $25
I have a second edition. These books are only available in hardcover The hardcover is red. There is a paperjacket with pictures of cakes on these books. If the paperjacket is missing or damaged the book is worth less and this should be reflected in the price.
There are pattern books available for all three volumes. The colour of the folder the patterns are in should be red for the first volume.
the Wilton Way Pattern Book
All The Patterns Needed For Cakes And Other Decorated Confections In
The Wilton Way of Cake Decorating - Volume One The print colour on the pages should match the folder colour, for example for book One the print should be red. If it is black, you are getting a photocopy.

the Wilton Way of Cake Decorating
Volume Two
A Complete Encyclopedia
ISBN )-912696-11-7
I do not have a publication date for this.
Contributors To This Book
Norman Wilton
Michael Nitzsche
Amy Rohr
Manuel Lopez
Larry Olkiewicz
Published to honor Wilton's soon-to-be celebrated Golden Anniversary
Original Price U.S.$29.95
The hardcover is green and the dust jacket is green with pictures of cakes.
The pattern book is:
The Wilton Way Pattern Book
All The Patterns Needed For Cakes And Other Decorated Confections In the Wilton Way of Cake Decorating - Volume Two. The Folder is green and the print inside on the patterns and instructions should also be green.
Again if it is black, it is a photocopy.
The Wilton Way of Cake Decorating
Volume Three
The Uses Of Tubes Edited by Eugene T. and Marilynn C. Sullivan
Copywright 1979
ISBN 0-912696-16-8
Library of Congress Number 74-13330
Hardcover, brown with dustjacket with brown as background colour and cakes

Pattern Book - brown with brown print on patterns and instructions. Again if the print is black, it is a photocopy.
The Wilton Way
Volume Three
Pattern Book
All the patterns needed for cakes and decorated confections in
The Wilton Way Of Cake Decorating - Volume Three
Well, here I have never ever seen these books in the libraries. Haha, likely if I had, I would still have bought them because I prefer to have reference items handy.
I have never taken the Wilton courses, but I have learned a lot from these books in the three years that I have owned them. I suppose that I wish I had them many years ago.
There are only certain books I purchase, for example, I don't normally get the yearbooks or the patterns for them unless there are several cakes in the books that are of interest to me.
I suppose it has to do with how you learn and such. I learn a lot from seeing a picture, I can pretty well figure out how something is done once I see it. I am not one for copying other folks' cakes, so maybe this is why there isn't the appeal for me with the yearbooks and such books with other folks' cakes. I love to see other people's work, but I am not keen on copying them.
I have paid a fortune to get one of the pattern books, way more than what it cost me to purchase the encylopedias, but that particular pattern book was in high demand and the supplies of these are very limited. Which explains why folks are selling photocopies and passing them off as originals. It is actually illegal to do so, but where there is a dollar to be made, this doesn't stop them.
For many years folks have tried to get Wilton to put out new editions. Apparently to have the same quality of book reprinted would cost a fortune and this is why they are not doing so. These are Italian hardcover well bound books and this quality just isn't around anymore.
When you are looking into purchasing these books, what you need to know is the ISBN - which is the International Standard Book Number. This is a really easy way of identifying the book. It is used by dealers of used books. Abe's is a good reliable and reputable book dealer. There are other companies that deal in used books too but read up on the reputations of the dealers. They have rating systems for the condition of the books, the boundings, the dustjackets etc which will influence the price you will pay. On E-bay, you don't have these standards. So you may pay top dollar for a book with a missing dustjacket, a broken spine, missing pages, stains, molds etc.
You will pay more for an older edition or original first printing of these books also. However a reputable dealer will not charge a premium price for a first edition book if it is in really bad condition.
I was never able to find a used book dealer or broker that sold the pattern books. The pattern books were actually produced after the books were published and were sold separately. Some E-bay dealers will sell the book along with the pattern book but unless specifically stated, your purchase will not include the pattern book.
It has been my experience that though you can purchase the books from places like Chapters and such that deal in second hand books or used books, the quality of condition is not as rigourously graded and you are paying top dollar. That is just my opinion.
Hope that helps folks,
Hugs Squirrelly Cakes
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Hhmn, you would think with the length of that post, I would have covered everything, haha, but I forgot to mention this. Be very careful to insure that the books or patterns are not missing any pages. Ask the dealer specifically, I know several folks that have purchased these books on E-bay only to find pages missing or patterns missing.
Hugs Squirrelly
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