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military cake ideas

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I was asked to do a cake for a neighbor who's husband just made chief. Her husband is a Navy Pilot. I was not sure what to do.I thought about doing a plane that looks like his but I have never done a 3-d cake before. I am really good at cupcake cakes. We will have cupcakes for the kids at this party. Anyone have any ideas?
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Take a look in my pics, I did a Navy cake for a dear friend of mine for his birthday. I did the Navy emblem in colorflow and then draped a fondant flag across the top of the cake. He LOVED it!!

If you're only expecting a small group of people, you could make a cake in the shape of a Navy hat.

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I love the emblem idea and rhesp1212 that cake you did with them emblem and flag was awesome, You could also do copies of any patches he has on his flight wear too..can't wait to see
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My husband is in the army so i dont have any navy suggestions. But i did just make an airplane cake in my photos for my neighbors sons birthday. I just got the airplane cake mold. Perhaps you can make that airplane and then try and shape it to look like his plane from there...this way you have a starting point to work from.
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my husband is a first class in the navy. i don't see how he can be a pilot and made chief. I always thought pilots are officers. Anywho, i have a picture of a uniform. for a chief you would make it khaki (<--spelling?) and put his medals and ribbons on it. the hat is different too. Congratulations to him all the same. other ideas: mounds of paperwork, a little guy sitting in a hammock in uniform, his squadron emblem and saying. good luck
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He could have made a Chief Warrant Officer 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 or 5..the hats a cool idea too
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My husband is a newly retired Senior Chief from the Navy. I agree that pilots are usually officers. I've never heard of one being enlisted. You should confirm his new rank with your friend. My husband had a fellow Senior Chief retire from the Navy recently, and the cake decorator put the officer emblem on the cake rather than the Chief. It was awkward for him to say the least. You definitely don't want that to happen with your friend in celebration of her husband's promotion. If he actually did get promoted to Chief, you could put the Chief's anchor on the cake. My husband and I did this for a retirement cake. The anchor was 3D and made out of fondant. Making the cake a khaki CPO hat with the Chief device on the front that was suggested is also a great idea. I would definitely incorporate something Chief into the theme rather than the Navy emblem by itself. Becoming a Chief is a huge deal, and I think it would be more meaningful for the event. GOOD LUCK!!
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I finally got some information on what they want . They want me to make 50 cupcakes for the Chief promotion party. Since it is a big deal to get the chiefs pin ,how can I incorporate it to my cupcakes? Is there candy molds for this?I have never used fondant before. What about colorflow? Has anyone done this. THe cupcakes are for a party on Sept 22nd. All help is so greatly appreciated!!
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maybe you could just do a bunch of FBCTs for each cupcake??
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