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Pricing Gumpaste Flowers

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Does anyone have a method for pricing gumpaste flowers? I have no idea how to
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for fondant roses i charge $3 per rose for a small cluster of assorted flowers it ranges between $10 and 15
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Coming up with set prices is hard to determine...considering the amount of time it takes to make each of the flowers. You don't want to undercharge because then you're really saying your time and artistic ability isn't worth a lot. I charge a lot for my flowers because they are, in their own right works of art. You can easily charge as much for the flowers as you do the cake if you think about it because you start them way ahead of time and put just as much detail into them as you do the rest of your creation. I base my flower prices on the type of flower and strongly take the amount of work into consideration. For example, my easter lilies go for $15-20 per flower depending on size (they are quite big), my roses are about 3 1/2 - 4" in diameter and start at about $20 per bloom, sprays (which consist of 2 large blooms and a few filler flowers and leaves) start at $55 and go up from there depending of the type of large flowers requested. I also put a ton of detail into my flowers to make them as realistic as possible, and my clients know they are getting quality. You can see some of my flowers on my cakes page. I struggled with pricing when I first started doing them... it does take some thought, but in the end, charge what you think your work is worth! You'll find your clients will agree with pricing when they see the results! icon_biggrin.gif

Good Luck!
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