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Ooooh! Intriguing suspicion! Keep digging , Sherlockomama! Bust that bride!
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Weeeeeeellllllllllll, I just spoke with my friend and she said that the bride IS already married and that she and her hubby were wed out of the country and they're doing the big traditional thing after the fact. The export business seems to be true, too, as that's what her dad does and her family traveled a lot when she was growing up. TRUE TRUE TRUE! Ack, I feel awful now! icon_redface.gif I did see her picture and my friend said that you nailed her looks, marmar! "skinny little bum... wearing cream pants and a white button down shirt? Was her hair ash blond, chin length bob and was she wearing hardly any makeup? Just a pale shimmer on the lips?" YES! This is HER!!!!!!! Uncanny!! icon_lol.gif Too funny! That said, she's still a princess according to my buddy. OK, no more of this talk. Bad karma, you know. icon_wink.gif
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I wouldn't feel bad chocomama. If she's so eager to spread her money around to help others she shouldn't have a problem shelling out the full asking price for your cookies. Instead she's trying to beat you out of what's rightfully yours - you hard-earned cash! Not to mention all the money she's wasting on a second shindig that could help people in need... icon_wink.gif
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