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mmf problem

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this is my second attempt to send this message, so apologies if it did go through twice. Anyway...
Made some mmf for the first time yesterday, and had some problems.

First of all, I wasn't sure how much shortening to use (another recipe said 1/2 cup, this site says grease bowl)

8 cups of sugar seemed too much, water not enough - ended up with crumbly mess that wouldn't hold together. I ended up using more water and shortening, and got a decent looking dough.

My problem is that the fondant is not at all stretchy and pliable - it's more like a sugar cookie dough. Do I add more water, or more shortening?
I don't know how to go about fixing it to get the right consistency - I tried to cut out a few shapes, but they broke when I tried to lift them, and they dried fairly fragile. Thought I'd try again today, but no change in the fondant consistency.

Also, I used 16 oz of mini marshmallows - that's 2 cups, right? Maybe I got that part wrong, I don't know.

Help, please!! Any suggestions?

Thanks, Marina
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16 oz of MM is right. I would only use about 1 1/2# of powdered sugar. I do only grease the bowl, but when I roll it out or knead it, Iput Crisco on my surface and/or hands. I use the recipe found on this site. Try warming what you have for a few seconds in the microwave and maybe add alittle more water to it. It definitely sounds like you have too much powdered sugar.
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Wow - fast response! Thank you so much for the info - I'm on it right now!!
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You have the recipe from this site. No Crisco is added to the recipe, only used for greasing the bowl and your hands and work surface. The result looks and feels like Wilton fondant. Too much water and it is sticky. Just read the tutorial and follow the directions on it. I make it all the time.
Good Luck
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16 ounces of mm is not 2 cups, it is the whole 16 oz bag. MM are by scaled weight not, dry measure.
Cake. So many flavors, so little time.
Cake. So many flavors, so little time.
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Oops. Sorry I missed that. I saw 16 oz and thought she referred to weight. SO, you can usually by mini marshmallow in 16 oz bags. If not, you'll have to weigh it. Sorry about that. Hope I didn't screw it up for ya!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks, everybody! I guess I'm not as smart as I look icon_redface.gif
I figured 8 oz =1cup, 16 oz=2cups , but I needed to measure weight, not volume. So, I made a new batch PROPERLY, and now I get why everybody says it's so easy - it turned out perfectly! (yummy, too).

You are all awesome!!

Thanks again,
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