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Thank you everyone! Enjoy it!!

And a speial thank you to Jackie who had to make sense of all my crazy photos & emails!! icon_lol.gif

Peacockplace, I just emailed Jackie because there was a paragraph explaining my "no outline" technique. I think it was edited out by accident...we'll see! thumbs_up.gif
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Oh's there! By the 3rd to last starts by talking about the #4 tip.

What I do is skip the outline, go right to the thinned icing. I pipe the cookie like a cinnamon bun spiral...start at the outside, outline and then continue around and around slowly in one big motion filing in...then do my "lottery ticket" shake to settle all the lines! thumbs_up.gif
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I have been waiting for your tutorial...thanks, thanks!!! You are such an inspiration and wow, what talent you have, such beautiful cakes/cookies!!! I am so happy that you post here and share your expertise with us! Thanks again!
Michelle icon_biggrin.gif
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I'm so happy to have found CC. Where else can you learn from hundreds and hundreds of other people who KNOW what works and what doesn't??

I've been amazed at all the talent on this site and I'm learning something new every single time I log on!
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Just reiterating what everyone else has said. Thank you Antonia74! You've made our lives much easier now. icon_biggrin.gif
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