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Alice's Cookie Icing

This tastes wonderful. Hardens so you can stack or bag the cookies, but is still soft to bite into.

Alice's Cookie Icing


  • 1# sifted powdered sugar (1 pound equals 4 cups) 3 TBSP. meringue powder 5-6 TBSP water for a thin consistency 1/2 cup butter


Cream butter, add sugar & meringue powder, then add water. For a stiff consistency to make a dam on the cookies, I beat in 2-3T of water first, remove some icing for stiff consistency, then add more water until it is very thin & flows like color flow.

Comments (5)

so then I can add my coloring paste to it to make what colors I choose? It just seems when the pro's make this cookie bouquets there cookie's come out so perfect with color (bright) and amazing frosting. I am trying to do something like that for the first time. I would like to practice first. Thank you for your help
this frosting tastes sooo good. thank you :)
I only need to frost 1 dozen cookies, can I scale down this recipe so I am not left with a bunch of icing?
This icing tastes really good but it does NOT harden enough to stack and bag. Which is disappointing when you have done a whole batch with it. Maybe if you did a really thin layer...
Do you have to refrigerate it, if not how long can it sit out
Cake Central › Recipes › Alice's Cookie Icing