I saw mentions of an eggless chocolate chip cookie frosting, but no recipe here on CC. I found this one online and it is fantastic! My family simply loved it. I put it on brown sugar cupcakes (also from hellobaker.net) and they were to die for.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Icing/Filling


  • 1-3/4 cups confectioners sugar
  • 1/2 cup unsalted butter, chilled
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 tablespoon milk
  • Eggless cookie dough (recipe below)

  • 1/4 cup butter, softened
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar, plus 2 tablespoons
  • 2 teaspoons water
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1/2 cup flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/3 cup mini chocolate chips (optional)


  2. Cream the butter and brown sugar in a small bowl. Add water and vanilla and mix well. Add flour and salt and stir to combine. Stir in mini chocolate chips (optional). Store in refrigerator until ready to use.
  4. (1) In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, combine 1-1/4 cups confectioners sugar, unsalted butter, salt, and vanilla, scraping down the sides of the bowl with a spatula as necessary.
  5. (2) Add milk and continue mixing until well combined, scraping down the sides of the bowl with a spatula, as necessary. With the mixer running, slowly add remaining 1/2 cup confectioners sugar, mix until well combined.
  6. (3) Add eggless cookie dough to mixture
  7. VOILA!


Barb5585 Says... 2009-10-14 11:40:59

How many cups of icing does this recipe make? I would love to try it.

kcassano Says... 2010-01-08 09:07:13

Barb5585---i checked out this recipe on hellobaker.net and it says that it makes enough to frost 12 cupcakes. hope this helps.

AJ8cake Says... 2010-01-24 16:15:49

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Thank you for posting this recipe!!!! I used it a multiple layer yellow cake, alternating cookie dough filling and vanilla frosting...and my guests couldn't stop raving! If you love raw cookie dough, this is the perfect fix!

Tracy71 Says... 2010-02-28 12:04:53

Ok....tried this recipe for the first time today and my family ate it all before I could put it in the cake! 2nd batch, here I come! This will be used in a cake for next weekend, so I don't yet have the final reaction. However, the first reaction of my family was a big hit! In fact, my son wants this in his birthday cake on two weeks!

melamel Says... 2010-03-06 21:52:09

I used this to fill a chocolate cake for my friend that does not eat eggs and he loved it! Thanks for sharing!

mommyandmecakes Says... 2010-04-11 06:31:52

does it have to be refrigerated?

ladycakes85 Says... 2010-04-27 18:04:07

I made a batch of dark chocolate cupcakes and put a dab of cookie dough inside them. I found the frosting to be too sweet, so I just used vanilla frosting from a can to ice them with and piped a swirl of the remaining cookie dough on top of each one. My co-workers raved about them and I got an order for a dozen from one, and another asked if I could do a whole cake like it. I will definitely be saving this recipe, thanks! :)

babydeer115 Says... 2010-05-22 13:04:06

The cookie dough is AWESOME!!! Tastes just like it would in ice cream, thanks! :)

Leah1974 Says... 2010-06-01 17:22:45

I saw that people have used yellow cake and chocolate cake...for the others of you who have used it, what did you use it with? just trying to decide for my daughter's 3rd birthday...it will probably just be the filling--unless I leave out the chips for the outside/decorating....hmmmm

ColeAlayne Says... 2010-06-21 09:31:59

Do you have to refrigerate this once it is in the cake?

Mickeebabe Says... 2010-07-09 18:14:29

Could I just add the eggless cookie dough to a canned vanilla frosting? Would that also work?

Thanks. :)

JoneaG Says... 2010-09-13 19:09:34

Wow this is so yummy. It's in my fridge right now! My new fave! Thanks for posting!

sarandipity Says... 2010-09-24 09:59:04

I tried this last night, made some white cupcakes and filled them with this cookie dough, they are DELICIOUS! I've gotten rave reviews from people at work saying it was the best cupcake they've ever had!

zandramads2u3 Says... 2010-10-22 15:52:55

Hello, I made this for a homecoming cake and have ALOT left over can this be frozen and reused later for another cake?

chefjennalee Says... 2010-11-17 20:12:19

When I make this filling for a cake, its always a big hit, no one every thinks of a cookie dough filling and I think they get excited about it. I always pair it with a marble cake. I give this rave reviews!

CakeGalUK Says... 2010-12-13 01:35:04

Hello, this may sound a bit daft but I'm not quite sure about one thing with this - when you add the cookie dough, are you mean to add it in little chunks (like you get in cookie dough ice cream) or are you meant to add it so it fully combines with the buttercream part?

ColeAlayne Says... 2010-12-13 12:36:09

I refrigerate mine until it gets hard and then add it to the frosting base in chunks. If the cookie dough is warm, it basically blends right into the frosting. I think it is a preference.

CakeGalUK Says... 2010-12-14 04:16:42

Thank you - I reckon a bit of both would be good :)

Going to give this a try if I ever get some spare time!!

kdbohm Says... 2010-12-22 11:07:24

I made this yesterday. I combined mine completely together instead of in little chunks of cookie dough. This is amazing. I couldn't believe how well it turned out and tasted. It tasted exactly like I was hoping!

CakeGalUK Says... 2010-12-23 01:25:55

Looks like I've got a bunch of spare time on the horizon, so I may well get to try this out sooner than I thought! I'll go for fully combining :)

divinecc Says... 2011-02-22 10:22:23

I will be making these on Friday and can't wait! I was wondering if anyone used the brown sugar cupcake recipe from hellobaker.net that goes with this filling/icing recipe? I will be making some chocolate cupcakes with the icing but might also try the brown sugar cupcakes too so I thought I would ask how they turned out! Thanks

CakeGalUK Says... 2011-02-23 00:33:23

Yup, I used it - IIRC it's just a scratch sponge but using brown sugar instead of caster. They were perfectly good and went well with the cookie dough flavours.

divinecc Says... 2011-02-23 11:21:33

Thanks for your quick reply, hopefully they will turn out!

newtocakes29 Says... 2011-04-18 19:15:32

How do you store cupcakes made with this filling? Fridge? Room temperature?

shannon1025 Says... 2011-06-29 18:58:22

love this recipe and so did everyone else! I actually got requests for the recipe:)

mamamia43 Says... 2011-09-17 17:06:14

I did this with a brown sugar cake since chocolate chip cookies are more of a brown sugar item, it was fabulous! I am planning on doing yellow cupcakes topped with this tomorrow, I am sure it really doesn't matter what kind of cake, it is really just a vessel for this delicious frosting. It is VERY SWEET so a less sweet cake is a good idea. I mix the dough and frosting completely, no chunks.

49ERLINDA Says... 2011-10-03 08:34:02

The eggless cookie dough portion doesnt say what type of butter ie:unsalted or salted???Anyone know...I want to make this...THANKS!

potterypot Says... 2011-12-24 11:09:34

I made this yesterday and it is very good! Everyone raved about it. It is light and airy and has the taste of cookie dough I was looking for. I had to double it to cover 12 cupcakes that I swirled high to make Christmas trees, and had a little left over. I only added the 1/4 cup of brown sugar in the cookie dough part and did not add the chocolate chips. I also used softened butter in the base. Thanks for a great recipe!

potterypot Says... 2011-12-24 11:10:17

49ERLINDA~ I used unsalted butter for the cookie dough and it tasted great to all of us. HTH!

cwelling Says... 2012-03-06 07:19:16

Nobody has said if this has to be refrigerated or not after the cake or cupcakes are filled/decorated with it...any thoughts?

nicunurse Says... 2012-03-27 09:11:08

This is unbelievable delicious!!! Thanks so much !! :)))

savvyash91 Says... 2012-05-27 13:38:09

I made this as a filling for chocolate cupcakes and covered with white chocolate frosting. I had so many rave reviews that i had to try it for myself! So I made the cookie dough using Splenda brand brown sugar and mixed it with a cup of sugar free vanilla frosting and spead it over sugar free brownies! So yummy!

Generations-creations Says... 2012-09-17 09:19:07

Does anyone know if a cake with this as frosting with he chocolate chips left out can be covered in fondant?

49ERLINDA Says... 2012-10-03 16:12:50

All these questions & not 1 reply from dmarvel? Again, I ask, is the butter in the eggless cookie dough portion unsalted or salted?

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