This is your basic recipe for cake balls, but I tweaked it a bit due to the Nutella thread… this totally satisfied my craving for Nutella and my family LOVED it. I used chocolate cake scraps because that’s all I had around, but imagine there are many different flavors of cake that would compliment the Nutella.

Nutella Cake Balls


  • Cake scraps
  • Nutella
  • Vanilla candy melts


  1. Use a fork to make crumbs out of the cake scraps. Heat the Nutella in the microwave, just enough so that you can stir it into the cake crumbs. Mix the Nutella and cake crumbs together until you are able to form balls without them falling apart. Place balls on a cookie sheet covered in parchment paper. Melt candy melts in microwave and dip balls to fully coat them in the candy. Place balls on cookie sheet and refrigerate until ready to serve.

I’m so sure….


Tinti Says... 2010-09-02 22:24:06

OK, Now I'm really jealous. I stumbled onto this site looking for an Australian match to Crisco shortening and I find the wonders of the universe at my feet!!. Please, Please, tell me, What are candy melts and where can an Aussie girl get them, make them or whatever so I can make this recipe? Also, I've jsut discovered you lovely people use different cups ofr measuring liquids and wonder my bread from American sites keeps failing...who knew. Thanks for the tip.

Kindest Regards Tinti Australia

SweetCreationsbyDawn Says... 2010-09-05 04:11:09

Candy Melts in the states are made by Wilton and sold at crafts stores like Michaels. You can melt them and fill candy molds, use for decorating or coating items. They come in colors or you can tint your own. Look up Wilton Candy melts online. For this recipe you can melt white or chocolate chips and coat the cake balls with it. That is what I use for my cake balls. I prefer the flavor and richness of the chips (Ghiradelli, Nestle). Hope this helps, Dawn

xoxox1000 Says... 2010-09-07 20:00:08

Candy melts from what I understand is the same as coating chocolate/s or an inferior substitute for coveture chocolate. It comes in little disks, and a variety of colors and flavors. There is another manufacturer that also makes them other than Wiltons called "Make 'n Mold" (candy wafers) and another called Merkens. This type of chocolate does not require tempering like regular chocolate such as Nestle or Ghiridelli or most chocolate. These chocolates are generally used by most home bakers for making "Chocolate candy pops" and such. I would do an internet search for chocolate wafers, covering or coating chocolate, or perhaps... candy making chocolate. Just know this is not the same product as chocolate per se... and it is not of the same caliber or quality to Belgian chocolate, Valharona, or other high quality chocolates which do require tempering to be used as a coating chocolate.

artsteach Says... 2010-12-03 15:20:06

I use almond bark to coat cake balls.

mitzi82 Says... 2015-02-05 10:42:25

Tinti, Any chocolate that melts. I am an Aussie living in the US and for years was converting my old recipes. Now I have the OZ measuring cups, spoons etc. makes it much easier for me to bake.

mlynette Says... 2015-02-06 06:13:49

You can also use chocolate chips. I sometimes use the milk chocolate ones. Also, any chocolate will work just use the defrost on your microwave to melt and add a little Crisco if it won't get completely smooth.

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