Champagne Buttercream


I have been in search of delicious frostings and fillings to go with the champagne cake recipe I finally started using. I found this frosting on a website called “Damn Delicious”. The link for the original recipe is here:
I did make some changes from the original recipe. I added and took away a little bit.


Amount Ingredient 1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, at room temperature (I used salted butter) 4 cups confectioner’s sugar (the original called for 3 1/4 c. I added until I got the consistency I wanted) 1/4 tsp vanilla (it was originally 1/2 tsp. I didnt want to overwhelm the champagne flavor) 4 T. champagne, at room temperature ( or to taste) 2-3 drops food coloring, if desired


Using the whisk on a mixer blend together butter and sugar for about 2 minutes until light and fluffy. Then add in champagne flavor 1 T. at a time until you have desired taste. Do not add too much tough or you will ruin the consistency of the frosting. Blend in champagne well. After I tasted the frosting I decided to see if vanilla would really be necessary. I only used a small amount. I think that I prefer it without for this recipe. Add food coloring if desired and blend until it is incorporated. Then top your cupcakes or cake! Enjoy!

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Question? What kind of Champagne did you used . I have made some before, but I didn't like the champagne I brought. I just asked my family do them know of a good champagne that taste good.


Colababy, I have used many different champagnes in my cakes and buttercream and have found a couple that I like most. I have a local brand that is orange, like a mamosa, that I really like. I also found an almond champagne that was excellent when I used a WASC base for champagne cupcakes. You may want to try a few different ones, to see which suit your recipes and tastes, best.


I would love to be a tester. I have always wanted to try new products to see whether they would help make things easier. Love the idea.


Could you share your recipe for champagne cake? I've been searching for a good recipe for ages to use up the asti spumante left over at New Year's. Thanks!


I actually used a recipe from this website. I tried making one from scratch like I do with all of my other cakes, but it was way too heavy, the texture was not right. I have two that I tried and I am still debating about which one I like better. I am not a huge fan of champagne or alcohol in general so the lighter tasting one from a box mix that was doctored is more my preference. The doctored cake mix is at this link: It was originally posted by DiscoLady. The other recipe is from scratch and is from scp1127. I will post that one after I find it.

Colababy- I agree with ladyren. I have used several different champagnes. Some pink some not. The recipe from scp1127 says to use a Moscato I believe. I used what I could afford, although in her notes she says the one she used was only about $8.00 a bottle. I wouldnt go from something too dry. You want it to be a sweeter champagne.


How light is the champagne flavor of the cake? Will it get drowned out if I added strawberries to the cake? I was also thinking a rich frosting like brie. Lastly, I found some all natural champagne flavored sugar, would you reduce the amount of actual champagne added to either the cake or frosting recipe?


this recipe sounds sooooo good. Could I use this frosting as a filler between layers as well? Has anyone tried using it underneath fondant?

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