Teapot Cake!


So this is the second fondant cake i've ever made!

It started as a disaster!!! My oven obviously just does not work. A 35 minute cake was still a runny batter in the middle after 35 minutes and ended up taking over an hour to cook through. My first experience with ganache also did not work, my friend who makes cakes for a business and makes dozens and dozens of cakes. Gave me her recipe which was simple and straight forward, yet it just didn't want to work for me, i had it in the fridge nearly all day and it just wouldn't set, it was RUNNY, i tried filling the cake with it and it just slowly ran out, so i had to re-add some chocolate and melt it all back together. finally some success. N.B my mistake was not heating the cream enough and then not the chocolate enough either. Next disaster was the fondant, i didn't have enough to cover the whole cake so had to roll it really thin which of course was terrible when i applied it, some parts NEARLY tore but not quite (very thin though)you can see that there is a chocolate ganache underneath. Also i didn't apply it to the sphere shape very successfully, it ended up with 3 bunches of fondant around the cake that i had to chop off, so there was 3 small seams from about midway to the bottom. One on the left under the spout, on the right under the handle and on the back (where you can't see). Also because it was so thin it showed alot of bumps because i didn't realise until the ganache was applied that it still had a lot of chunks of chocolate in it. At about this point it was looking rather ordinary. I nearly completely gave up. I have no experience in fondant or gumpaste flowers so googled easy ones and up pops ribbon roses and leaves so i made a bunch stuck em on the cake along with a spout and handle, painted some roses made with white petal dust and gel food colouring and


GO ME!!! I can't believe the is the second time i've covered a whole cake in fondant (first time i've used the sphere pans)

i know the fondant isn't very smooth, i used a fondant smoother but the ganache was just a problem today! but it's still a pretty good effort i think. I'm so proud of this cake, i love how it looks, i guess it's not what you would call professional but that's okay i don't plan on ever doing this as a profession :-) I just love it.