Here Is The Donation Cake We Made For The Kisses For Katrina Benefit Dinner Katrina Was A 3 Year Old Little Girl That Had Sever Sleep Apnea

Here is the donation cake we made for The Kisses for Katrina Benefit Dinner. Katrina was a 3 year old little girl that had sever sleep apnea. She had a trach to help control it. One night, Katrina stopped breathing. Not knowing how long she had been oxygen deprived, the doctors said that she was probably severely brain dead. In hopes to give Katrina every chance they could, the family had set up a benefit dinner to help with medical bills. Just a few days of being in a coma, Katrina passed away. Today, on March 3rd, 2013, Katrina would have turned 4. This cake was to be her 4th birthday cake. We were blessed to have been able to give them this cake.


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