Disneyland Cake Pops!


My first attempt at cake pops! Made these for a Disneyland trip! :D Really proud of myself for this one :D All the eyes are sprinkles, Mickey and Minnie's ears are just candy melt wafers, Pluto and Goofy's ears are cut airheads dipped in chocolate, their muzzles are decapitated gummy bears, their tongues are starbursts, Goofy's teeth are sprinkles, Pluto's collar is a green gummy lifesaver and yellow sprinkle, the black noses are sunflower seeds dipped in chocolate, Minnie, Daisy and Donald's bows are sprinkles, the duck bills are starbursts with sprinkle tongues, Donald and Goofy's hats are airheads, and finally I used edible markers for eyeshadow on the girls. And the castles just a printed pic off the computer.