$10 Glass Cupcake Stand - Easy To Make

OKay I was at the $1 store and say these two glasses. I picked them up and headed to walmart. They have glass plates. I got epoxy in the hardware dpt ($1.97). Large plate was $4. The medium plates was on sale for $.97 and the dessert plate was $1. I just used the epoxy to stick it all together. Had some ribbon left over from another project. The ribbon isn't glued on. I want to be able to change the color. It was a quick fix the the baby shower for a much better price.


CoveredInCake Says... 7 years ago

If I didn't want to change it I could have filled the center glasses with things like ribbon, rocks, paper or little items. I just wanted to be able to use it several times. :wink:

minorfan Says... 7 years ago

I did the same thing for cake stands when I needed 15 of them. Wlamart sundae glass 97cents with the $2 clear plate. Unfortunately did not come up with this till I had bought 10 at $10 each. Know better now.

cakesbyelizabeth Says... 7 years ago

This is a awesome idea!! I would have never thought about it!!

waywordz Says... 7 years ago

I love this idea. And the idea of filling them with things.Great ideas.

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