Lion Face Cupcake Cake

Lion Face Cupcake Cake on Cake Central

This is a cupcake cake made into the shape of a lion. I was asked to make a lion but not a scary one, more like a fun cartoon kinda lion. There are 24 cupcakes in it with buttercream icing. For the mane, I used my new best friend, LOL, Hershey's dark cocoa for the extra dark buttercream and then added it to my regular buttercream for milk chocolate. Then I put two bags of icing into one bag and piped the mane so that their would be two different colors instead of just one. I think it turned out okay but might just try striping the bag next time, it was hard piping pull out stars with two bags inside of one, LOL!! Got that idea of sugarcrafts website where they actually sell a bag made for that purpose but I was too cheap to buy it.

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