Berecca Says... 7 years ago

That looks awesome! Is that a buttercream transfer?

allissweets Says... 7 years ago

no, I've found FBCT gives me too many problems - I just trace an outline with a toothpick, and fill in the rest with BC directly onto the cake.

indydebi Says... 7 years ago

You are a true artist! Looks like Dr. Seuss himself drew this!!

allissweets Says... 7 years ago

thanks, y'all! :)

liha21 Says... 7 years ago

That looks like a printed image!!!! I wish I was that good with pictures. Great job!!!

imartsy Says... 7 years ago

great job!!

ladeebug Says... 7 years ago

Very cool. Who doesn't love the Cat in the Hat? Well done.

CathyCakes Says... 7 years ago

Awesome! Explain more about the "BC directly onto the cake". Your finish is so smooth. Please share.

allissweets Says... 7 years ago

Thanks CathyCakes...I fill decorator bags with smaller round tips (like 2 or 3) and draw in the details. Then I go back with larger tips (like 4, 5, 7, 10) and "color in the lines" so to speak. Then I take my tapered angled spatula, smooth it out as best I can. Then with my finger dipped in cornstarch I pat the surface smooth. Takes me a while, but I'm satisfied with the results. If it's a larger area I'll use a square piece of Viva paper towel to smooth out the surface. HTH!

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